Why the BBC & Stockholm Syndrome Globalists Would Love to Kill Farage the Barrage

What a man! Farage the Spitfire of Freedom! Those Marxists just love their slavery! They love their Masters selling their souls (they don’t believe in) to them! Stockholm syndrome, I tell you! It’s a pity that Farage quit the fight, but they DO want to kill him and have tried to several times. The BBC occupation forces are in solid grip of many British minds. Well, minds, I’m not too sure. Brains perhaps, these Londoners are brainwashed serfs and love their slavery. They’ve been brought up with the BBC’s Teletubbies, after all, as well as to be obedient little automaton trains on track to the New World Order, with Thomas the tank Engine. Ha! Do they want to die? I tell you. Thank God for Farage giving a moment of respite to the downward spiraling dupes of the Illuminutty elite, because good old England was going to Hell in an EU handbasket. Ha! the humanity! The BBC! “British” Buggering Conmen (Savile) they are, and I guess their mindcontrolled minions like to be buggering conmen as well! Arrrgh! Stop this world! I want to get off!


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