What is it about Turkey? But not about the UK & other Western Europeans?

Jul2016_042Gilad Atzmon wrote an interesting article that I read after I watched Russia Today’s propaganda piece for that “massive demonstration” of the Socialist Workers Party (and other crony Marxists) mostly populated by their propagandised dupes who don’t even realise they are led by the nose by Banker Soros’ agents who work for the Rothschild bankers!

Gilad wrote:

Military Coup Defeated By The People

Gilad Atzmon — gilad.co.uk July 16, 2016

Many of my friends do not like Erdogan and his regime. Some of my Turkish peers who are artists and intellectuals see the Erdogan regime as  dictatorial.  They complain that their elementary rights have been compromised. I understand their plight.  Many of my western colleagues who comment on Turkey also do not like Erdogan. They criticize Erdogan’s approach to Syria and Asad, and they do not like Erdogan’s aggression toward Russia or his dealings with Israel.

Yet, despite the general condemnation of Erdogan within intellectual and artistic circles, the Turkish president is extremely popular in Turkey. Earlier today, the Turkish people heeded  their President’s webcam call to take to the streets and defeat a well-orchestrated  military coup.
This spectacular development demands our attention.
What is it about the Turks? These heroic Turks who just defeated an  army with their bare hands, are they exemplars of Adorno’s description of Authoritarian Personality ? (Defined as a state of mind characterized by absolute obedience to authority.) Is it appropriate to follow Adorno’s Jewish supremacist attitude toward popular movements? Or is it possible that the masses who yesterday saved Turkey see their government  and their president as a continuation of their true selves?
Maybe  Erdogan personifies their Ottoman heritage and helps liberate the Turks from the pseudo western identity imposed on them by (some insist Jewish) Kamal Ataturk a century ago. Is it possible that Erdogan allowed the Turks to return to their status as a proud nation? Turkey has transformed from a source of cheap labour at the outskirts of Europe into a regional superpower. It is now a key player although it suffers from some serious problems.
Chomsky doesn’t approve of Turkey’s transition into a great power. Soros doesn’t like it  that Turkey has become a key player. The Israel lobby also doesn’t like Erdogan. I think it is crucial to ask,  why?


Turkey is still a NATION instead of a confused divided mess like the West!

Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes2If Turkey wasn’t a coerced partner of the West that joined NATO, the Western Jewish media would’ve long called it out and condemned it as an “Extreme Right Wing Fascist Xenophobic Racist Theocratic Regime & Nation!” And many propagandised people who read this, would say,

“Yeah! Well, that is what it is! Just like Marine le Pen and France!” Just like Geert Wilders and Holland! Just like Farage & UK, and all those other right wing nationalistic xenophobic populist fascists!”

Like look at the photos of this “massive demonstration in London, and do bother to read the titles of the organisations that mass produced the majority of these demo signs — as always: The Socialist Workers Party” etc.

Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes1 Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes5 Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes7 Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes8Do you understand what is going and has gone on in the West? The Western Countries are hardly nations anymore, because they have long been undermined by ANTI-national agents provocateurs of the Frankfurter Schule/School, paid for by the Bankers, with the goal to destroy the nations to create a One World Government under them!

And all these poorly informed dupes -many of whom ARE immigrants! — are totally propagandised with the new anti-nation words, like Racism, Xenophobia, Fascist, Islamaphobia, open borders, welcome immigrants, etc, etc. All the cultural Marxists terms and weasel words destined and designed to DESTROY FORMERLY NATURAL NATIONAL UNITY in order to mongrelise the nations to fit them better into their Socialist New World Order.

This statistics graphic caused some to say, “SWEDEN IS DOOMED!” It took me a while to figure out why they said that, but it was in the green 36 % of Swedes who believe that “Sweden with diversity is a better place to live!” Now that is what you could rightly call, A true “STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!” HA!

chartoftheday_5247_do_europeans_fear_diversity_nYou see acc. to what RT produces as state media, Russia hasn’t changed much since 1917! It is still under the same forces who did the Revolution, in spite of what Putin wants you to believe. But so are the Western regimes. Under the same power and influence! They infiltrated, destroyed, watered down, corrupted, all Western NATIONS, and are driving them MAD! BUT NOT TURKEY! AT LEAST NOT YET!

Turkey had been “secularised” by Kemal Ataturk — at least that is what the Socialists hope! — to a certain degree, but most of the Turks are still homogenous Turks, one religion, one nation, one blood, one family, despising foreign influences, and are a very hard nut to crack! And they are numerous as well! And personally I am sure they will not be fully cracked before Christ’s Millennium arrives.

I mean, the Turks didn’t only take over Byzantine, they almost took over all of Europe, and until the Reformation, Renaissance, & Enlightenment arose, the Turkish Empire was a continuous threat. It wasn’t until Western Christians finally began to seriously care about taking Jesus to the people outside of Europe of other nations in the 3rd World, thanks to William Carey!, that that Empire finally fell! As a child of God I consider that the true engine and direct spiritual cause there!

Of course the globalists went on to crack Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and are trying to crack Syria, but not all yet. That is why the same unholy forces are organising World War 3 and the global economic Crash, with the final objective to crack ALL nations! Nations in the sense of an ORGANIC related ethnos of people. Why? Because they will not make for a New World Order!

But all these dumbed down Marxist dupes everywhere, live in their corrupted minds with no relationship hardly to their national family, religion, land, kinship! They have been un-moored, de-civilised, de-cultured, un-nationalised, undone, unraffled! They mindlessly spout their programmed “politically correct” weaselwords as if they understand and believe them, just like the 1789 Parisians did during the French Revolution, parrotting the weasel words of the Socialist Jacobin conspiracy; “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!” instead of “Family, Nationality, Fatherland, Motherland, and Unity!”

“Oh No! Those are the words of the Old World Order that needs to be destroyed!”, say the Soros provocateurs, “and for that we need mass immigration, destruction of the Family, destruction of the Mother and Fatherland, and destruction of uniting religions, and destruction of bloodlines, and destruction of the old education, and destruction of the nations!”

For the record, I am not a nationalist and do believe that God allows this Marxist destruction to bring this ugly historical symphony to an end, because their pipe dream will not last very long at all. Only seven years, the prophet Daniel said.

Now you perhaps understand the Question:
“What is it about Turkey?”

The Turks didn’t want another disintegrating Military coup that destroys their freedoms and national passtime of freely drinking Turkish tea and coffee in the plaza, instead of in an impersonal Marxist Starbucks!

The Turks didn’t root so much for Erdogan per se! Many don’t particularly like Erdogan, they just want to stay FREE and Turkish! Have a Turkish country. Have their Turkish Islam! Have their own nation and their own people they understand and they like! They don’t particularly like the West, other than to make money of, so they can be richer and better Turks! So when they live in Germany they are still Turks, except maybe some of their children, although they sure know how to make their children behave at home, most of the time, and toe the Turkish line!

THAT‘s PRECISELY what most “modern” Westerners have lost! Their heritage and their children! They have all become little Marxist dupes raised on Marxism, Agenda 21, Common Core & other destructive globalist schemes, who were long ago brainwashed out of their Christian faith and salvation by the Jewish media, and long lost their national & cultural belonging… to Marxist doctrines!

Under their influence they all began to smoke dope and sing English/American songs rather than in their own languages, while tramping through NON-cultural Modern Fart Guggenheim museums, denying their own national artistic heritage, and were soon destroyed in government Marxist-led schools that deligitimised their values, mores, and patriotic notions as “archaic ideas of the dead!” They were skillfully seduced by rich massive media propaganda to vote their destroyers into power via their so-called “socialist-democratic” parties who planned their demise for two centuries by crowning it with programmed mass immigrations everywhere, marketed as “diversity!”

Do you now see what it is about the North Western “nations?” They are not nations anymore! They are conglomerate globs of bewildered humanity who don’t know who they are, where they came from, what their roots were, what they believed in, and are so so so lost…spiritually, depressed and suicidal. No! “Roots” were only exploited for the Blacks in America, to give them their identity because it fit nicely with the Marxist destruction of America. But in all other core countries roots are to be condemned as “politically incorrect” because they want to destroy your roots.

But roots are of very great importance for the Merchant Elite, how they are related and how they conquered the nations, and exploited them with their families’ banks, and bought and took over the national media and turned them into international media still spitting out their elite lines of propaganda.

So we can all sing together “Bye Bye Miss American Pie!”, or Bye Bye Miss English Rose! Bye Bye Miss French Marianne! Bye Bye Miss German Grethel! And Bye Swiss Johan! And Bye Danish Torben! And Bye Swedish Sven! For ALL are now “homogenised” into New World Order automatons and Aldi customers, watching RT, or RTL and CNN, and all believe now in the same non-existent democracy, and a Global Village where they can sing, “We are the World!”

But a sense of belonging there will not be, a sense of father and mother love and of fatherland is long gone, and of course also a sense of God and Country is out the window, and they have also learned from the media to hate Jesus, who actually died for them too. But of course that was one of their greatest objectives. And that is why they themselves created the Last Days! the Last Days of the West!

They have detroyed the West with their artificial terror attacks, their artificial democracy, their artificial organised wars to feed the bankers, and their artificial education to divide the nations internally and against eachother, and now they are all accusing eachother with the artificial weasel words they have been brought up to believe are real, like xenophobe, islamophobe, homophobe, fascist, racist, etc. etc. And they all hate eachother and will ultimately destroy each other, as they are well under way doing!

And their real rulers? They are laughing all the way to their banks where the nations once owned national treasures are now safely secured and stolen by the trillions. Do you now understand why George Bush was dancing his victory dance at the Black Lives Matter Memorial for the slain policemen? He was so happy that they were dead!

Socialist-Cultural Soros-Marxist-Dupes6


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