So-o-o Tired of Gun Ban Shootings & False Flag Attacks! Where To Go for Encouragement! The Force?

As the French said it. “Je suis Charlie – Je suis Paris – Je Suis Nice – Je suis Épuissé!”
Which means, “I am Charlie, I am Paris, I am Nice, … I am exhausted!”
And so am I.

I can’t stand another gun-banning false flag attack from the Regime of the Divided States of America! I sympathise rather with Syria, with Iraq, with Libya, with Africans murdered by US troops, with Afghanis murdered by US troops – and they weren’t the ones even that did 9-11! According to top European politicians that one was pulled of by US and Israeli security services, as well as the 7-7 bombing, and perhaps Baclatan as well.

Even though I am sorry for all the dead Europeans perhaps a little bit more, I still wonder why the French people don’t rise up more to get answers to the following pertinent questions!

  • Why was the top Poitiers policeman murdered, because even his family doesn’t believe his suicide.
  • Why didn’t Ahmet the policeman’s head split into blood and smithereens from the “Muslim’s” AK47 when he was so-called “shot” on the sidewalk, during Charlie?
  • Why didn’t the EIGHT soldiers who WERE posted outside the Baclatan during the “attack” not go inside to restore order with their guns?
  • And why was the last Tunisian patsy, who sent US$ 110.000 gained from his terror training exercise, allowed to drive his truck into a by police cordonned-off area? To sell ice cream???
  • And all the other anomalies I didn’t mention

I think the French people either are becoming a little brain dead or are too afraid to ask these questions, or they still believe the Mainstream Media lock stock and barrel! Anyway they are finally getting épuisée! Exhasuted from these false flag govt. terror attacks and they “suis” no longer! Understandable! I never “suis” from the very beginning of this travesties.

je-suis-pas-manipulableI looked at Charlie and said, “What a rude bunch of psychological terrorists! These Charlie Bozos! The Cultural Marxists ought to have arrested them long before, not for a few “micro aggressions” but for a lot of major “MACRO AGGRESSIONS!” But of course the Charlie monsters WERE the Cultural Marxists and they couldn’t arrest themselves, so they only arrested Dieudonné for talking about pineapples. Yeah eversince the French Revolution France is not anymore what it used to be, and the French don’t seem to be able to think straight anymore.

Well, if you are discuraged by the Marxist take over of the globe and you wonder when YOU will wind up in some international FEMA camp – what we used to call a concentration camp before those were monopolised by some people – where YOU will be tortured like the patsies in Guantanamo, or the 80 million Russians in the Gulags, then think of these words by our sister in the Lord, Jane! God bless dear Jane Buergermeister.

She wrote:

La force

Where do we look for encouragement when we feel demoralized, beaten down, depressed by problems? When the threats seem too big, the dangers too enormous, the enemy too powerful?

Whenever we feel down, we can take a piece of God’s heart and put it into our heart. In fact, the word encourage comes from the Old French ‘encoragier’, which is made up of two words -En-  “put in” and -corage- “heart”.  An outside force fills our heart with courage.

“The LORD gives strength to his people.”

The French version of the verse Psalm 29:11 reads

“L’Eternel donnera de la force à son peuple.”

May God give force to the French, facing horrific terror attacks, and particularly may He give force, strength tonight to the families of the victims.

Amen! I agree wholeheartedly.

Of course most people in Europe don’t believe in the Force of the Eternel anymore, but they just don’t seem to get the connection that that’s WHY they are getting so much HELL! They are in so many troubles, yet they don’t seem to wake up that God is not mocked, and that whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap! I mean He said it very clearly in the Bible. Even if many of them have become Buddhists, or Hindus, or even New Agers, or even just practice yoga… all these spiritual doozies say the same thing… it is called Karma in their language.

Of course they appear to prefer Karma, over ‘God turning His back on France and Europe’ in general, because Karma is impersonal. There is no authority involved. So they can still do what they want and think that there is NO Big Spirit, who made them creatures in the first place. But aren’t they deceiving themselves?

I have a friend, who is a missionary son, brought up with “don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you!” He is French. Guess what! He joined the French Airforce and is now planning bombing missions and training bomber pilots for future massacres. How can they live with their consciences? Maybe they don’t have one? Or if they do, they muzzle it.

Yeah! It is a cruel world, and it is getting more cruel by the day. The Obama-nation of the US is droning the Waziri people who also had nothing to do with 9-11–that inside job!– “because are Muslims and they carry weapons and might become terrorists some day.” And so they massacre weddings with men, women, and children running in the compounds playing games, who don’t know what hit them until they wake up crying with intense pain, missing members of their bodies and members of their families! That is IF they ever wake up.

How can these “Christian” Americans justify all that to themselves, or believe that it is a good thing to do? I think they have memorised Moses laws in the Old Testament instead of the graceful Christ of the New! As Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for THEY shall be called the Children of God!”

How in the Heavens do they expect to be called Children of GOD when they condone without protest or even perpetrate themselves such crimes in the name of “supporting the troops overseas!” of even “GOD!” How do they expect to become born children of God with that kind of peacemaking? I don’t see it happening. And if not, they must not have the fear of the Lord very much, because if you are not a child of God, you must automatically be a child of the Devil! No? Seems logical?

Well, I’m not judging anybody… at least not ‘to Hell’ with some murderous drone missile, because my job is supposed to be a Peacemaker, for I WANT to be called a ‘Child of God’. But I guess they don’t have that desire very much, if any at all. They love to not only judge and condemn but even kill people living halfway around the world, where God Himself sent these people as babies into the wombs of Afghani and Waziri and Pakistani and Iraqi and Lybian and Syrian mothers…  to be shot, maimed, and massacred like dogs or fish in a barrel by these murderous Americans, all for Israel? The Chosen people? I don’t think that God was aiming for that. So what the Hell are these Americans doing!?

I guess they must have another Bible. Perhaps THEY are reading the Koran instead, and believe that THEIR Evangelical Jihad gives them 72 American virgins with Jesus in Heaven? Well, like I once said about those Takfiri Jihadist murderers and cut-throats– who are just like them — “They won’t wake up in paradise with 72 adoring virgins beckoning them into poligamic beds.”

Uh-uh! No sirreee! They’ll wake up in Syria in HADES — the spirit world! — with at least 72.000 Syrian men, women and children, and uncles, aunts, and grandparents pouncing on them when they rise up out of their mortared (not martyred – mind you!) bodies to their unexpected welcoming committee ready to tear their wicked spirits to shreds, for an awfully long long time. Because Hell has no fury like a woman robbed of her beloved children, husbands, and parents! 72 Virgins? Nah! Not forthcoming.

72virginsWell, what makes you think that these Americans will get a better treatment than that? Just because they are American? Are they so special, so entitled, to miss all that horror for their crimes? Well, maybe some of them who really didn’t know any better when they were drafted and HAD to go. Perhaps they actually were misguided Children of our great God of Love, and thought it was His will to get an education on a GI bill, but didn’t expect to be sent out to go murder innocent unsaved sovereign people whom God had allowed to be born there to learn some special life lessons that they couldn’t have learned in the USA! Like mercy and forgiveness perhaps on misguided foreign soldiers who came to kick in their doors for democracy? And probably a lot worse?

democracys-coming-400x2961And Norwegians, Germans, French, Brits, and Dutch, etc. follow right along in their footsteps! Also not fearing the Lord at all. They also think they can just get away with murder as well! Well I am not judging them, that is not my job. But it sure is God’s job and I think his judgments are like the grindstones of the grain mills where you throw the grain in the center hole and it comes out as fine powder on the sides. The wheels of God’s judgments are like that: They grind exceeding slow, but exceeding fine! I’m afraid of those! Aren’t they?

Jesus said about those who didn’t like him, “He that falls on this stone (Himself, the Rock of Ages) shall be broken, but on whomsoever it falls, it shall grind him to powder!” Ooh! That sounds very scary! Just for that saying you would want to fall on the Lord to be broken, but most Westerners don’t even read the Bible anymore and thus they don’t even know what awaits them! They think such thoughts are uncool, archaic, and old fashioned, out of style… Well, I doubt that God thinks that about His Words. Actually Jesus said quite the opposite about them, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My words shall NEVER pass away!”

The Words of God never go out of style, in His book, in His World.. Heaven, in His opinion, under His control. So that is also very scary indeed. Well, it says in that Word, that the fear (respect) of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom! That is.. if you get a hold of a copy of it, or some impression of it, like this post. But most worldly people don’t ever read such blog posts.

I distribute sweet loving Gospel tracts in Taipei and surrounding areas to our own Taiwanese people and sometimes to foreigners. SOME can be kind to me, but often the cold stares I get when I sweetly offer them a tract are deadly. They will curtley quip with pursed lips and cold eyes, “No thank you. We don’t need those.” while they briskly walk past and off with an air of superiority, as if you are the greatest criminal who ever lived and, “How could you ever offer this crap to me! How could you ever have chosen to become a missionary for Gawd! Humpf….”

Poor people! They are the sad left-overs of the once great Christian civilisations of the West, now almost destroyed and gone down the drain. It is a crying shame and a pathetic pity. How the West was lost! The West is on its way out! And they don’t even realise it. They think they are so cool and together, but they are the most pitiful pathetic endproducts of mass-media brainwashing and Darwinian propaganda. Poor poor people!

Are you one of them? Do you realise where all this is going to? To Hell in a hand basket?! Then why not cry out to the God of Love who alone is able to save your hardened souls. Why don’t you just say, “I am sorry Jesus that I ignored your Words, ignored your example of love, ignored your sacrifice on that cruel cross of your own self for my sins. I confess, I am somewhat proud, and haughty, and arrogant, it is my parents fault, partly, I really don’t want to be that way. I would like to be kind and friendly and forgiving and merciful and happy like these Asians seem to be. Please come into my darkened heart, Please give me that joy that I haven’t really known for a long long time. Please fill me with your happy wholesome Holy Spirit and give me LOVE and MERCY and KINDNESS for me and for others.
In Jesus Name give me your free gift of Eternal Life! Because I DO have fear about the afterlife and would like to be saved. Thank you very much Jesus. I will try to love you in return for your Love! Amen!

Well, if you prayed a prayer like that.. you can bet that your life is going to change and your outlook will become brighter, at least on the inside, perhaps not on the rough and scary outside of life in the dangerous West these days! Well, read that Bible of yours, and find inspiration, insights, spiritual knowledge you have never known, and ask the Lord to give you a new spirit like Him, full of mercy and good fruits, and with love and kindness and a friendly disposition in order to make others happy instead of just your self.

Real happiness does not come in your personal selfish pursuit for happiness for yourself, but it comes automatically by learning to give happiness to others! You might want to try it. It is life changing! Perhaps you would even want to opt for a life-style like ours. Professional love givers by the Power of God! La force du Eternel! I hope you will!

Je Suis Jesus!




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