If the LEFT banned MILO WHAT THE HELL are YOU still doing on TWITTER!

2TrappedinCageFor Christ’s sake, get your own blog, stop pandering to all these “cool social networks” They are Big Brother claptraps! Find one that is open, honest, and free speech, and LEAVE TWITTER far behind! God bless Milo for being a voice for truth! He is very well spoken! God! Would be great if he became a Christian! (or perhaps he is already a child of God!) Jesus loves fighters like him, even if the chemicals and/or the media made them gay.

I saw he is wearing 2 little crosses! Thank you Jesus! A FRIEND of sinners, gay, half gay, or non-gay! We are ALL a bunch of adulterers, anyway! God have mercy on us sinners! Saved by grace! Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos discusses his permanent Twitter ban and the chilling effect this will have on libertarian and conservative free speech.


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