13 Min VDO: Hillary?! A sure nuclear threat to ALL Humanity! Trump? Not sure!

HillaryBonusWW3Hillary vs Trump! What a choice! Not only for Americans – who get to vote..but — IF the machines are not rigged! – for the entire world! GlobalReasearchTV’s sharp 13-minute video to detail lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression, threats for further wars, and serial lying: Hillary Clinton belongs in prison for her principal roles in ongoing lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression as a vocal US Senator, the top US representative with other nations as Secretary of State, and two-time presidential candidate.

This criminal individual should NOT BECOME PRESIDENT! She has a proven Neo-con, deceptive, warmongering record and millions of deaths on her account!. So, seeing that a vote for an independent would help Killary, it seems the only interim solution is.. to vote for Trump!  I am glad that I am not American and don’t have to make that choice! They are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea – or a hard rock? Only time will tell. Must Watch!

It just shows the guilt ALL Americans have in having let this awful dillemma develop over the last 70 years, when the writing was still on the wall and a different course available. But they were too busy becoming apostate throwing Jesus out of their lives, homes, towns, televisions, churches, economy, and governments, of course. They listened to all the wrong sources and are co-guilty for all the murders, mayhem, mutilations, de-stabelisations, rapes and destructions of sovereign countries all over the globe.

What America COULD have accomplished worldwide, if it had endeavoured to be a more righteous nation and stay a beacon of freedom, is only to be disclosed at the last judgment by God. Of course the same goes for all Western post Christian nations, but especially for America! It is more accountable because it HAD so much light, but they chose Satan!


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