WESTERN Supported TERROR kills 8 Syrians in Restaurant. Any wonder why Syrians bomb YOU?

Pictures: 8 killed as insurgent shells strike restaurant in downtown Damascus

By Chris Tomson

In what could be seen as an act of desperation, unknown rebel groups in the East Ghouta began shelling the Old Districts of Damascus today for the first time in 6 months.About a dozen mortar shells were fired into densely populated government-held suburbs of the Syrian capital, one of which struck residents dining at the Qamar Al-Sham restaurant, an otherwise popular location in the Bab Touma neighbourhood.

At least 8 civilians died during the shelling, including one child. 12 more people were injured by the attacks which seem to have been completely indiscriminate.
Rebel shells 1


Rebel shells 2

Rebel shells 3

Rebel shells 5This is likely retaliation for the Syrian Air Force embarking on a fierce air campaign over the final rebel-held areas in the East Ghouta.


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