How Ol’ Bush tried to eliminate Reagan via Hinckley the Patsy! Must Watch!

The Reagan attack! The truth about what happened that day! Remember when Reagan was shot? The guy who “did it” John Hinckley is finally getting out. He was a family friend of the Bush family and guess what? He wasn’t the only shooter. He was “loner”, a nut job, he kept diary etc. You know the routine. And he was not the shooter who hit Reagan.

John Judge, one of our great researchers, lays out all the facts. A fine analysis by John Judge, explaining how CIA Bush the First tried to take out President Reagan to take over as the Vice President, and set up Hinckley, the son of Bush’s “friends”! With friends like that who needs enemies. Reagan behaved after that and Bush ruled the White House! How corrupt the USA had already become then and part of the new World order. Old Bush made a throat-cut gesture recently concerning Trump, and just a wwek ago he broke a bone in HIS neck instead. Karma comes slowly. He is 91, fighting Hell now. I guess in vain!

Judge says, “Either die on our knees (for nothing), or die standing up for something.”

And, “The secret services stopped using lobotomies, since they invented television!”

For more Assassination studies: videos, click here


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