WOE to you! Cruel Americans! VDO 100-s victims of US airstrike!

US-manbidzj-childvictimsLook! Watch and weep America, for the miseries that shall come upon you when ye shall finish reaping what ye have sowed for supporting an illegal country in the Middle East. No! Not sovereign Syria! But illegal “Israel” which is Palestina. The ‘gods’ you worshiped have now almost destroyed your country, whereas they promised you would be “blessed for supporting them?” Woe unto you, ye feckless Evangelical Zionists, how could you close your hard-hearted hearts to the suffering of the Palestinians Iraqis, Syrians Libyans for a wrong Scofield Bible doctrine?
Oh ye military dupes of “Neo-Conservatives”, ye godless pilots who burned these innocent people in Manbizj, after they had already suffered the by YOUR REGIME CREATED ISIS for years. Ye shall reap what ye have sowed! Hillary civil wars, famine, and World War III?

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Shocking footage: USA bombed Syrian town into dust, relatives of the killed damn America (PHOTOS, VIDEO 21+)

Shocking footage: USA bombed Syrian town into dust, relatives of the killed damn America (PHOTOS, VIDEO 21+) | Русская весна

Encircled by the American and British special forces and Kurdish and Arab fighters from the so called «Syrian Democratic Forces» Syrian city of Manbij and its suburbs is being constantly stricken from the air.  

Despite there are more than 40 thousand civilians left in the city NATO aviation carries out airstrikes with no particular targets, in the day and in the night, with no regard whether it is house of worship, residential house or hospital. There is no power supply in the city, no water and food supplies. City streets have become a battlefield with heavy armaments employed.

There are no green corridors for the civilians to leave the city unlike it is in Aleppo where there are corridors for non combatants and surrendered fighters.

That is why Manbij liberation from ISIS* comes at a price of huge losses among civil population. Even the Western media could not keep silence when on the 19th of July at noon NATO coalition planes hit At-Taukhar village which resulted in 160 civilians’ death including women and children.

However only this especially bloody case could make its way onto the pages of the Western newspapers.

In contrast to Aleppo where Western media, “Al-Jazeera” and the rest pass terrorists’ mortar attack victims as the killed by governmental Air Forces. They talk a lot about airstrikes killing residents of the quarters where nobody lives anymore. But world’s media top prefers to keep silence about Manbij residents who found themselves between hammer and anvil.

Cruel footage was published on Thursday, it showed aftermath of the American airstrikes which took dozens of lives, many of them were children.

The footage shows how relatives of the killed curse the USA and the Americans for this horrendously cruel crime.

The situation resembles the catastrophe of the Shi’ite villages in Idlib: Fuaa abd Kafer-Haya, which have been being encircled by “Jabhat an-Nusra” and “Ahrar ash-Sham” fighters for the several years.

The resonance and public attention which was drawn to those two villages thanks to Iranian and Lebanese media prevented full wreck but did not prevent daily mortar attacks from the side of the jihadists.

Despite ceasefire agreement the intensity of jihadists’ attacks has risen recently. Someone gets killed or injured in these villages almost every day. But unlike Madaya or Daraa where noone left but the fighters with their families the catastrophic situation in Fuaa and Kafer-Haya does not touch Western media and “Al-Jazeera”.

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