Obama scoffs rigged elections 2morrow, but can’t deny Hillary rigged POLLS of today!

SPREAD THIS: Media RIGGING The Polls, Hiding New Evidence Proving Trump Is WINNING

SMALL_clintontrumpralliespollsPOTUS Denies Awareness Of Voter Fraud  Infowars presents overwhelming evidence of election rigging and voter fraud – something Obama claims he knows nothing about.

MEDIA DIRTY TRICKS: CBS, NBC Manipulate Polling Data to Show Hillary with Lead Over Trump

The liberal media is up to its usual tricks again. CBS released a poll Wednesday that shows Hillary Clinton with a big six point lead over Donald Trump. But when you look at the data you see that they oversampled Democrats and that the race is virtually tied — even after the non-stop drubbing Trump is getting from the press on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt about it — the liberal media’s polls are rigged from the bottom up. How do we know this?
Simple — social media. Trump’s following on the major social media networks absolutely blow Clinton out of the water.
Allow me to prove it:


Latest Polls Inaccurate, Primary Model Shows Certainty of Trump Winning Election is 87 Percent

Latest Election Analysis: The Election Is Already Over and Trump Will Win in a Landslide

The latest analysis shows Donald Trump winning the presidency in a landslide.
Phillip Charles at The Politik reported:

The GOP has been Destroying Democrats in elections since 2009

When it comes to elections, the GOP has been faring better against Democrats over the last 7 years, than they ever have previously. In 2010, the GOP took back the House of Representatives with a 63-seat pickup, and also grabbed control of 29 of 50 governorships and gained 690 seats in state legislatures.

Then in 2014, The Republicans won 16 seats from Democrats, while only three Republican-held seats turned Democratic. The Republicans achieved their largest majority in the House since 1928. Combined with the Republican gains made in 2010, the total number of Democratic-held House seats lost under Barack Obama’s presidency in midterm elections rose to 77 with the 2014 midterms.

Other than Barack Obama’s unimpressive reelection against Mitt Romney in 2012, the Democrats have been losing every type of election imaginable to Republicans…

The Secret-Trump Vote

Don’t even bother looking at a poll. If they were any accurate or valuable at predicting, then the people who ran them would be billionaires.

As we learned from the DNC-WikiLeaks scandal, the Democratic Party and Mainstream Media manipulate polls for nothing other than headlines and talking points, meant to drive narratives and suppress Republican turnout.

Instead, think of the facts.

In 2012, the voting age population was 235 million, but only 129 million voted.

Both parties left a possible 106 million votes on the table.

Because of Donald Trump’s candidacy, all the rules have been thrown out. We’ve seen that few of the old political playbook tricks work against him. Money being spent by his opponents have all gone to waste.

We saw every single professional political pundit in the country get the entire primary season wrong – on both sides.

The media and their phony polling consultants don’t have any clue what turnout will look like. If they did, they wouldn’t have bungled their Trump and Clinton predictions so badly in the primaries.

What we do know is that Trump is attracting voters from all over the map and into the Republican fold, just to vote for him. It’s how he unexpectedly massacred 16 opponents in the primary.

It’s how he will massacre Hillary Clinton in the general election.

When the media tells you that this race is close or that Hillary is leading, just simply laugh it all off.

This election is already over and Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Read the whole thing here.


Still Proves Trump leading elections in social media about 70- 75% of the votes! Killary loosing Big Time!

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on fake polls.
Hats off to Addison Riddleberger columns for assembling this social media data.
The 2016 elections will be the elections social scientists will look back on as the turning point year – the year where an analysis of social media will prove more predictive than paid polling.
Assuming that is a correct prediction, what does that mean for the future of the Trump-Clinton presidential race. All of these stats are as of Aug. 4th, 2016.
Let’s go to the data – Facebook Likes:
Trump: 10,174,358 – 65.4%
Clinton: 5,385,959 – 34.6%

Facebook live stream posts (latest):
Trump: 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1,500,000 views = 1,653,167 total = 83.0%
Clinton: 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views = 332,000 total = 17.0%
*note: almost half of Clinton FB posts, the top comments are from Trump supporters. However, top comments on Trump’s page are hardcore Trump supporters only.
Twitter :
Trump: 10.6 million followers = 56.7%
Clinton: 8.1 million followers = 43.3%
Youtube Live Stream (averages):
Trump: 30,000 live viewers per stream = 98.4%
Clinton: 500 live viewers per stream = 1.6%
Trump: 2.2 million followers = 55.0%
Clinton: 1.8 million followers = 45.0%
Reddit subscribers:
Trump: 197,696 = 71.3%
Clinton: 24,429 = 8.8%
Hillary for Prison: 55,228 = 19.9%
Bottom line: more than twice as many Reddit users think Clinton should be in jail as should become the next President of the United States.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

How Clinton Rigs the Polls

Donald Trump Says Election is ‘Rigged’ If He Doesn’t Win

DONALD Trump’s assertion that the US presidential election will be rigged has triggered alarm among observers, who warn he could be laying the groundwork for rejecting a Hillary Clinton win and even sparking civil unrest.

On Monday he warned a crowd in Columbus, Ohio that the general election itself — already filled with bitter partisan rancour — will be marred by corruption.

That same night he sounded the alarm again: “I’m telling you, November 8th, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged, And I hope the Republicans are watching closely, or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

Trump’s calling card is raw authenticity, and his campaign has drawn millions of voters precisely because he has attacked the current political system and the Washington establishment as corrupt.

Part of Trump’s not-so-subtle messaging this week was to suggest he will not go quietly should he fall to Clinton in November.

While Trump’s free speech is protected by the US Constitution, “I also think there are real worries about an invitation to violence or other kinds of mob action,” said Ohio State University Professor Dan Tokaji, who teaches election law.

Presidential losers throughout US history have largely been gracious in defeat, “but Donald Trump is already intimating he will not be similarly gracious should he lose,”


Proof Elections are Rigged

Set your heart on the Lord Jesus Christ, and get right with God reading his inspired, inerrant, preserved Word, the AV1611 King James Bible. This ship is going down folks!

2012 Documents Show State Department Aware Of Weapons Shipments To Terrorists In Syria, Hillary Lied In Testimony

Media Propaganda Against Trump Out of Control


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