August Headlines: US & Europe Are Now Marxist Dictatorships that Killed Off Democracy!

Western Democracy is dead, killed off by Crony Marxism sponsored by Crony Bankers and promoted by their Crony Mainstream Media deceiving the Western masses! In Sweden and Germany refugees get free brandnew houses for as long as they want, while indigenous Swedes, Germans, Dutch are charged for what once was called ‘Freedom of Speech’! Governments are staffed by crony Judas Marxists who push their leftist policies railroading their own nations at the cost of their own indigenous people. Their so-called Socialist parties long adhered to a globalist mongrelisation policy to get their own people ready for mental, psychological, and economic slavery in a Marxist One World government. Western Democracy is dead! If it ever was alive!? Perhaps it was all a great staged show of “freedom and democracy”. See VDO: Elections in New York are rigged! and the following headlines: Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL ‘Hillary won’ counties. must WATCH!

The Bolshevik elites hold their coronation of Clinton

Remember dear children, your indoctrination programming never taught you that international finance funded and put the Bolshevik’s into power. If you do not understand or are unwilling to acknowledge that the ascendency of Marxist totalitarianism was the invention of the Banksters establishment, you are sorely deficient in your education.

Democracy Is Dead

Globalists of all stripes are calling this nationalist revival narrow-minded and obscurantist. Their leading argument is that global problems such as climate change, overpopulation, and poverty require institutions with global authority. But what they should keep in mind is that those various supra-national institutions or entities, which started with stated good intentions, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), not only have failed to solve any global problems but have, by their corrupt nature made them worse. In the case of the supra-national North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), there is no pretense of being a do-gooder. The armed fist of the Orwellian empire is in the business of globalization of war with decisions made in Washington, DC. In Orwellian times, many supra-national organizations behave like corporations under humanitarian pretenses, when they are in fact parasitic organisms depleting our strength. Meanwhile, no one represents We The People at all. In the world of humanitarianism for profit, public servants have vanished and been replaced by corrupt incompetent groups operating like crime families.

Clinton Bonds with Neocons as GOP Elites Launch Final Bid Against Trump

Hillary Clinton is reaching out to Republican elites—including fellow former secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice and Henry Kissinger—to support her campaign over Donald Trump’s, suggesting a growing alliance between Clinton and neoconservatives, according to Politico.

Princeton Professor Shows How Easy it Is to Hack an Election in Just 7 Minutes

CNN Host Slams Conservative Media For Allowing Trump’s Lies About ‘Rigged’ Election

Executive Order 13603 – Obama authorizes SLAVE LABOR on a large scale on American soil.

SPREAD THIS: Media RIGGING The Polls, Hiding New Evidence Proving Trump Is WINNING

NC School Policy Recommends Children Not Be Called Boys And Girls!

Leftists Vandalize Home, Spray-Paint Swastikas, Protest on Woman’s Lawn Over Trump Signs

Gingrich: ‘The Elite Media Is 95 Percent Against Trump’… Rudy Giuliani: The Media Ignore Hillary ‘Lied to a Gold Star Mother’

CNN Likens Trump-Supporting Black Pastors To JUDAS…

This is HOW the Polls are Rigged – ABC and Washington Post Document

LEAKED EMAIL EXPOSING The Clinton Techno-Media Beast – Massive Manipulation through Social Media – Every Facet Of Her Being Is Connected To Lies And Corruption

Day One: I Will Keep Reminding You That Voter Fraud Is A Very Real Threat And That Obama Is Denying It… Secret Group Running Elections Revealed!

Clinton vs. Trump? No, It’s the Media vs. America

CNN Admits to Giving Hillary Clinton a “Free Ride”

The Clinton Death Squads; The Growing List of Dead Political Enemies

National Guard, DEA, State Police Raid 81-Yo Cancer Patient’s Organic Garden To “Protect” You



Army Chief: “Europe On Verge Of Civil War”

German anon finds covert source of increased refugees

The plan of the world leaders is to create maximum chaos, division and civil war. What better way to pull that off than by first importing millions of young, combat-ready men, and then collapse the economy so there’s no welfare state to take care of them. They’ll have to fight

GLOBAL ELITE Running EU “Brexit caused by EU Broken DICTATORSHIP”- Italian MEP.

Global Few Elite are running the EU she claims as European citizens are simply trying to make ends meet. – “Brexit happened because the EU is a Broken DICTATORSHIP” – Italian MEP blasts- Barbara Spinelli of Italy. She suggested following the example of the US Constitution which has internal systems with which such Oligarchies


Swedes Urged to Hand Over Their Houses to Migrants

Temporary housing is not good enough for the migrants in Sweden, they want Swedes’ country homes.

German anon finds covert source of increased refugees

The plan of the world leaders is to create maximum chaos, division and civil war. What better way to pull that off than by first importing millions of young, combat-ready men, and then collapse the economy so there’s no welfare state to take care of them. They’ll have to fight

The Moral Disabilities Of The Left

It is hardly surprising that newspapers nowadays more and more resemble magazines that are produced weekly or monthly instead of daily. With modern technology they can hardly any longer be the first to break news; as their circulations fall and journalists are “let go”—to use a delightful euphemism for dismissal so dear to more refined or sensitive bosses—they cannot do much investigative journalism, either.

Elderly should sell homes to fund care, says aide to Theresa May

Controversial proposal would result in families using some of children’s inheritance as parents live longer.

EPIC VIDEO “I Know You” Anti-Islam Finnish MP tells the TRUTH about Muslim immigrants in Europe

WARNING: Islamophobia is NOT THE ANSWER! That is the surest way to get us to agree with the by bankers designed World War III. This Finnish MP is just throwing oil on the War Fires! It is not the Muslims fault! It is the Bankers and the Marxists fault for attacking and destroying their countries! They let the wars happen and caused the refugee crisis. And Marxist Soros finances their immigration into the West to humble and break the Western people. Don’t curse the Muslims, curse the bankers and their Marxist political stooges!

BBC Now Training Its Secret, Likely Imaginary, Fleet Of Detector Vans On Your WiFi

Nearly a decade ago, we wrote about the fact that the BBC supposedly has a fleet of totally secret “detector” vans that drive around trying to figure out who was watching the BBC without paying for it. As you probably know, if you live in the UK, you’re forced to buy a BBC license if you have a TV or a TV turner card. And, for years, they’ve claimed to have had these magical detector vans. When we wrote about them in 2008, it was because a freedom of information request to find out about the vans was denied for the most ridiculous of reasons: revealing the details of the vans “would damage the public’s perception of the effectiveness of the TV detector vans.” In other words, the “vans” — if they exist at all — were more about scaring people into paying, rather than actually detecting those watching the BBC without a license.



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