Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly! – The kind of preacher I LIKE! A REAL Christian role model

By Jacky Pullinger. A MUST WATCH!  Now THIS is the kind of (NON) preacher I like! This girl was unknown for decades just doing what God told her to do and what Scripture indicates we all should do. She didn’t have any new-fangled revelations, nor great new insights into the Word of God, or blissful visions and visits to Heaven, neither does she enact great courtcases in Heaven to represent us humans before the throne of God. No! None of those things! Jacky merely obeyed the Scriptures God left for all of us since 90 AD, that He knew were good enough for us to act upon. And acting upon them she surely did! So what did she do that made her stand out from the Christian crowd? She is a DO-ER of the Word, and can talk about it with humility, because she doesn’t need to PROVE anything!

  • She REALLY went into all the world
  • She went out by faith! Trusting God for her income, even by means of teaching jobs.
  • She made forever friends by seving them humbly in the most unseemly places.
  • she helped the lowest of the low, antagonistic drug addicts in slimey, stinky places, without you or I hearing about it in great Evangelical magazines, movies, or websites.
  • She despises “ministries” & “annointings” as much as I do. She just serves her fellowman with all her heart as unto the Lord!
  • She wasn’t perfect, but just loved her fellow sinners as her self. She wasn’t any better than them, just more privileged to have been born in a Christian – now POST Christian- English culture.
  • She believes that ALL Christians -Nay! All HUMANS! – are suppposed to be missionaries, which I do too.
  • She took the former Hong kong drug addicts into her own home as their equal. In other words, she washed the feet of Jesus!
  • She didn’t beg for donations! She just trusted God for her income!
  • She expected God to do great things and He did!
  • She was honest about her feelings, disliked stuffy, self-righteous, preachy Christians, who didn’t do the job.
  • This woman is what you would call a REAL Mother Teresa of the REAL Reformation kind. I was gonna say ‘Evangelical’, but that has already a nasty taste too.
  • I like this girl. She DID what Jesus told Peter to do, what Paul did, and more. ‘Oh woman great is thy faith. great is thy reward in Heaven!’

The Law of Love about the life of Jackie Pullinger and the drug addicts in Hong Kong.

Interview with Jackie Pullinger

Facing the Canon with Jackie Pullinger


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