The global Media Elite is Dividing East & West by Design! – A PP Oldie Goldie

RT-Nuke-ThreatAn Oldie Goldie of Power Point Paradise,
First published on January 7, 2010 !

When you look at this page (no longer available), you’ll see these very politically in-correct radical adds for “Russia Today”, which were refused to be posted in US airports, but turned faces in the UK. Politically IN-correct, in the West that is!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’ve said many times before in my blogs that the global Media masters are again changing who is Punch & who is Judy. Russia has been postured to begin to replace the Western media as the “honest media”, and “truth speaker!” But is it real?

RT-StateterrorIf you look at the article, you’ll see adds alluding to STATE TERROR (from America, Israel, U.K. etc?), as well as to the fact that Global Waming is a hoax! Which it is! Also alluding to the strong Zionist bias in Western journalism regarding the real nuclear dangers! Which score actually stands at: Iran – Israel 0 – 200 nukes! Russia Today is increasingly wearing the white hat of “defender of civil liberties and human rights”, with Wayne Madsen making very critical interviews on RT denouncing the US government as it really is, wicked and corrupt! and now RT is asking “Should a democratically lected government use violence to control a demonstration?” As if Russia is so democratic and allowing real dissent? Putin is as tough as an ex-KGB keg of nails!

RT-ClimateChangeAdUKNo, please don’t be deceived! This is all Global Media Elite window-dressing to make Russia popular in the eyes of the undiscerning sheep. Russia is being set up as a fair, democratic, libertarian, NON-communist, new happy state. But don’t believe it for a moment. It’s a big set-up, to get us to not only all the more despise our Western Big Brother Dictatorships, but we are being programmed to like this Russian “freedom of expression” more and more. Why?

Because the Banksters’ through their Global Media Empire are building the real One World Government from the East. Russia (and China!) is designed to head up the REAL New World Order. How do we know? Read the Bible. We’ve known that for years! If you know Bible prophecy, in this case Ezekiel 38-39, you will see that the last world leader, named Gog, will rise to power from Meshech and Tubolsk, in Magog, which Bible scholars point out means Russia. There are other prophecies backing this up, but we won’t go that deep here.

But I have seen it emerging these last five years. [speaking in 2010!] NO Western Mainstream media outlets have asked critical questions about the official 9-11 Osama conspiracy theory. But Russian TV aired the 9-11 Zero documentary by an Italian MEP to 35 million viewers! Of course they didn’t reveal what Ex_President Cossiga and German ex-minister Von Buelow stated that 9-11 was done by secret service elements within the US & Israeli governments, but hey, at least they doubted the official story and proved that it was State Terror instead of Arab terrorists. That’s a whole lot harder hitting journalism than we’ve seen the Western Media come up with since Watergate! Except Larry Flint’s Hustler and some smaller outlets asked some skeptic questions about the falling towers. [The latest RT coverage below!]RT-911InsideJob

But “Russia Today”, which is just as much controlled by the International Media Elite as ours [the bankers], is really kicking some ass now. Well, I hate to say it; but I told you years ago that this was going to happen.

So get ready for the OWG, One World Government rising from Russia, supported by China & India most likely, and “the 10 horns” (Most likely Europe, or the 10 world regions!) eventually giving their power to the Beast as well! See Revelation 13.

I thought this was really a telling article. Check it out!



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