GCHQ could be behind ‘super-spyware’ attack – Security expert on Regin, incredibly advanced virus

Dangers of a slide into full totalitarianism IF the law is not specific in what constitutes radical extremism. Because government activities like American illegal bombing of Syria is a clear cut example of radical extremism, but they are a state that is doing it. A regime, a Junta that is rogue is very guilty of radical extremism, where as people who are critical of this severe extremism, will be called rogues by the rogue states! And there is the problem. We need civil law to define that freedom of expression, of religion, of press, of habitat corpus, etc. is garantueed as it was in the magna Carta. But nowadays the state and its control freaks working for an evil oligarchie, is often becoming the very extremist enemy of the people, that they accuse others of. I.O.W. it is very important to assert your civil and human rights and freedoms, and the old Magna Carta.


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