China Post Carries Water for US Warmongering Support for Terrorists Ag. Syria

The China Post in Taiwan, the foreign representative of biased Western “News” aimed at expatriots and English speaking Taiwanese is caught again in blatant Western anti Syrian propaganda! C.P. posted a very biased Agence France-Presse piece against Assad’s duly elected government of Syria, painting another false picture. There is no mention of the merciful government move to give amnesty to 200 fighters who prefered to give up the fight, and perhaps could now safely do so without being killed for it by the foreign Saudi, Qatari, Chechen, and other terrorists.

The Syrian Army allowed the relocation to Idlib province of the foreign terrorists who preferred to continue their murderous fight against the Syrian people. China Post prefers to present a picture where the locals were sad to see the “rebels” go, as if they weren’t suffering for over 4 years from the American-Saudi-Qatari insitigated terror and Arab Spring movement started by the US State Department, CIA, and Obama regime. The US State Department under Hillary Clinton, as proven by the exposed emails, was supporting this foreign war against Syria for the sake of Israel and its Ynon plan to fracture the surrounding Arab states into smaller ethnic entities that wouldn’t threaten Israel.

ChinaPostAntiSyriaHitPieceQuote: “Friday’s evacuation provoked anger and bitterness among opposition supporters, and the local rebel said residents wept as they prepared to leave.

The more accurate picture is that these “rebels” are foreign terrorists fighting against the Syrian people, government, army, while destroying cities and infrastructure. These terrorists like ISIS and Jabhat Al Nusra and others consist of Takfiris of all different nationalities of foreign mercenaries and fighters who are motivated by a Saudi Wahabist ideology that beheads, rapes, tortures and kills other Syrian Muslims, Christians, Allawites, and Yazidis!

Listen to this propaganda quote of the raticle:

Daraya ‘completely destroyed’ The rebel fighter said the decision to evacuate the town had been taken because of deteriorating humanitarian conditions. “The town is no longer inhabitable, it has been completely destroyed,” he said.

The legal Syrian government forces supported by the majority of the Syrian people just prefers not to live under some radical Muslim Shariah state, where women have to be clad in burkas with only a slit for their eyes. Many Syrian women have actually joined the Syrian Defense forces to fight for the secular state of Syria. The United Nations is also guilty of grave Anti Assad propaganda, as you read this:

“According to the United Nations, nearly 600,000 live under siege across Syria, most surrounded by government forces, although rebels and jihadists also use the tactic. Long government sieges have prompted rebels in several locations to agree evacuation deals with the regime, prompting activists to accuse Damascus of using “starve or surrender” tactics. On Friday, the United Nations said only a single full aid convoy had reached besieged areas of Syria in August, denouncing the “wholly unacceptable” level of access.

Foreign mercenary terrorists are painted as “activists” and “rebels” that “also use the tactic”, the Syrian forces are painted as besieging their own country, whereas the opposite is true where tens of thousands of US, SAUDI, QATARI, Israel supported terrorist fighters have taken over entire cities, towns, and parts of towns, like Daraya, pinning down Assad’s military with a guerilla war of atrition that is destroying peoples’ homes, apartments, factories, workplaces, while Turkey and others stole, exported and sold not only Syria’s oil, but sophisticated machinery and instruments belonging to the Syrian people, that they will never get back.

But not a word about these atrocities inflicted on Syria by the Clintons and the Neo Conservatives who are trying to destabilise yet another Middle Eastern country, after they destroyed Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. The China Post — or is it CIA Post? — is content to sweep these facts under their dirty propaganda rug. All they want to do is turn the hearts of the Taiwanese and Expatriots here to their malicious Neo conservative warmongering views. May the readers wake up and beware they are taken for a grandiose ride.

For REAL news on the Syrian tragedy real truth seekers can go to Almasdar News that provides very factual English reports on what is really happening in Syria.

And SHUN the China Post! CIA Post!


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