Is the Democrats Elite Mafia Snuffing Out Their Whistle Blowers? Sure Looks Like It!

WHY would these Democrats become whistle blowers on the Clintons and the Democrats Elite? The corruption and the danger to the American State and Law and Order must have gotten so evil and corrupt that average Democrats mustered up the great courage to speak up and alarm the nation to the grave dangers the nation has gotten into. May God bless the noble souls for speaking out and up to save the country from the rot within. R.I.P former democrats! You risked your lives for justice and righteousness, and may God have mercy on you.

Of course the Clintons don’t pull the triggers themselves. They might have called for the elimination of the first former followers, like Vince Foster, or perhaps only hen they were still in Arkansas. But nowadays the Mossad style murders are most likely decided upon by the Clintons’ handlers the Mafia that has chosen them to hijack the American nation, and their financial godfathers like George Soros, or the Rockefellers!

Life is much cheaper now than in the days of JFK, RFK, MLK, etc. Those assassinations still happened in the early days of the despicable CIA-Banker New World Disorder. In those days it was still a trifle risky, as the true Americans might have risen up and tried to buck the criminals. But now? It has become the order of the day, like Gotham, like Biff’s Town in ‘Back to the Future’. America is a cesspool of iniquity and their crimes have flowed over the top widely into the rest of the entire World! Somehow it has to be stopped!

We know from the Scripture that the Antichrist and his ten federal leaders of the coming One World Government will finally pull the rug from under the United States by nuking it in one hour on one day, while the shipmasters stand far off for the fear of her burning, radio activity! But the final settling of accounts will take place when the Master Lord Jesus Christ is revealed from the Skies with great power and majesty on the scary Day of the Lord when the entire rotten West will get burned somehow.

There will be no more remedy then, other than a total reboot or re-set of the human race, similar to the Great Flood where Noah and his family were the only survivors. When a cancer gets so big that it can not be shrunk by natural organic means, it has to be cut out or off in order to be discarded, to save the patient. In this case that would be humanity itself.

But in the meantime there are still brave people like these Info Warriors and Whistle Blowers who dare to risk their lives to bell the big cancerous cats and their carnivorous cronies who have no love for their fellow men but only loath the peasants and the peons, as they enrich themselves inordinately to feed their rotten souls and entertain their perverse natures. These monsters have so degenerated that they are without excuse, and their state is without remedy, without salvation they will die and go to their own organised Hell where they will face all their unsavoury cronies without meekness, mildness, and mercy, to just devour each other with everlasting hate and spite. What a sad destiny! Let it not be yours!

There is life after death, when the body stops to function and the ghost vanishes from the shackles of the flesh to be released from space and time yet not from its Karma. For God is not mocked, and we will all reap what we have sown, as so many Near Death Experiences have documented. There is retribution! So may the Democrat beware! May the Republicrats beware! May the Greens Independents, Cultural Marxists, Bankers, peasants and peons, may we all beware of the Green Door, Death! Where will you spend Eternity? Get serious today! We are all sinners. But God is not so mad at the sinner for his sins as He is for the rejection of His free salvation for which He suffered and bled on that ignominious cross, 2000 years ago. Will you be a rejector of His grand offer of forgiveness like the Hillarys, the Kimmels, the Mahers, the Stewards, and the Rockefellers appear to be, mocking his death and resurrection, like so many Americans of today? I pray that you will be wise and reconsider your apostasy.

You only have to be convicted of the horror of your entitled intransigence and be thoroughly sick of your narcissistic self-centeredness and repent, which means change your reprobate mind and become sensitive o the truth. Someone without sin died for you, and wants to save you by just believing it and thanking Him and receiving Him into your wicked little heart.
Do it today? What have you got to loose? Other than your stubborn pride and prejudice. You know the prayer… it has been told you so many times. Jesus come into my heart and save me.



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