US Elections and Summer Escalation in Ukraine – The View From Russia

SOUTH FRONT is an un-official Russian Youtube outfit (asking for donations!) that presents its videos superbly with nifty graphics and interesting analysis. This one is a MUST WATCH, about the US elecetions, a possible looming war in the Ukraine, and the future of European leaders perhaps looking more to Russia and Putin than before? Enjoy!

SOUTH FRONT is an interesting name for this Russian media outfit, because it conserns itself mostly with progress in the War on Syria, and other countries as well. It would be a proper name for a Russia who perfers NOT to be involved with a budding World War 3, but merely will defend its Southern borders from intruders and watch from a safe distance, like this Russian cartoon explains the Bear and Putin quietly fishing while the war goes on farrrrrr away!

Whether or not that desire will be realised remains to be seen, because the USA for Hillary, the Bankers, and Soros, have not given up on its hopes to have regime change in Russia! But Putin does not seem to wanna oblige and banned Soros from its lands.
A wise move!



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