Senegal Rapper Akon Providing Electricity for 80 million Africans (Hindered by Bush Oil) convicting US Blacks?

PP Editor: This is such an example of what one man can do, who has the will to change the world. He was born in Senegal without access to electricity or even water! Became a rapper in the USA, and could not understand what the African Americans were complaining about in their “projects!” He says, “As far as I am concerned they are living in luxury! And after all if they didn’t like it there, they could go back to live in Africa! But of course they don’t want to!” Wow! Dangerous language in this free speech stifled (DEAD!) world! But Akon tells it like it is, and decided to care for 80 million of his fellow Africans!

But then he found out how George Bush was hindering Solar Power Plants, because they want to protect their Oil markets and Oil friends! So Akon got together with the Chinese, who of course were happy to sell their solar panels and high tech and gave him a huge credit! WOW! MUST WATCH!


Last Year, rapper Akon, known from his hit Lonely, started with a great and ambitious project to make sure that half a billion Afrikans get access to elecricity.

Two years ago the rapper started with his project “Akon Lightning Africa”. The Solar Academy, a recently founded center of investigation into Mali, has to take care of some 600 million Africans to get access to electricity.

The academy is going to assist engineers to generate solar energy in a simple way. The continent gets 320 days per year sunlight and that would take care of enough power, according to Akon.

No Media Coverage!

Last week the rapper was guest at VladTV to speak about his project, which hardly gets any media attention, but has provided 16 million Africans with electricity.

Akon grew up in Senegal without electricity or running water. He explains how difficult it was to get his project going. Some billionaires whom he got to know wanted to sponsor him, but then the rapper got involved with the political mplications.

He wanted to have powerplants constructed in five huge regions where the countries can share with each other. “Then I realised how deep that goes, because through that real wars could be the results,” said Akon.

A Heavy Burden

He decided to go to China and made a deal with one of the biggest solar energy companies of the land. Akon discovered however that Solar Energy is heavily taxed because of the policy of former president George W. Bush. He did that because he represents the interests and power of the oil-industry, acc. to the rapper.

Chinese investors finally gave him credit of one billion dollar. In the meantime the project runs in 15 countries and by 2017 he expects 80 millin Africans to have electricity.

For more info go here:     [Just disregard all the “Sustainable Globalist Warming” Hype! ]

Akon: Got $1 Billion Chinese Credit Line & Gave Electricity to 80 Million Africans.

SOURCE:(c)  Machine translation


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