“I Killed John F. Kennedy!” – Story of James Files

Dankbaar’s JFK documentary about the Coup d’Etat that took over the United States government for the Bankers via the CIA and their henchmen like Lyndon Baines Johnson, JFK’s vice president. The truth never came out and America became a dictatorship of the Deep State of the Rich oligarchs ruled by the Bankers. Actually Democracy already died then, in 1963, and 9-11 just drove it into the ground cpmpletely. Americans never believed it. Gullible dreamers of the American Nightmare. Sad story! They could have changed the world for the better, but chose to worship the merchants, as their gods. (revelation 17,18)

David Atlee Phillips to James Files: I can kill more people with my typewriter than you running around with a shotgun trying to shoot everyone in the world.

James Files: Why are you so concerned about John F. Kennedy? Down in Mexico I killed 40 people for the CIA in one day’s work, including women and children.


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