You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Micah Tyler (The Western ones that is!)

Funny, hillarious, laughable, true, BUT we need to try to spiritually save some of them, no matter how hard it is. And I know it is hard. I try to reach the odd number of American Millennials here in Taiwan with the Gospel, even though they are heavily propagandised by the Media against it. But just knocking them — like this song or Alex Jones does — is not going to help them. It is going to take a lot of love to reach the most deceived youth EVER in History! Enjoy the song though.

The end line of this ‘funny’ song is what may be the only way to reach them. PRAY for them most of all. And remember! It is NOT totally their fault! They are products of the deluded American generation that generated them and the ridiculous dumbed down “education” system and the globalists who created it. They are victims in a way, although that shouldn’t be told them, and it is not totally so, because: No matter what generation it is, every generation has a chance to enrich themselves spiritually if they will only seek for truth. Seek and ye shall find!”, Jesus promised, and that goes for millennials as well. But can you just imagine what it would feel like, to be raised “entitled?” Only rich tycoons know what that feels like, and those are leading this world! YIKESS!

By the way. Asian Millennials are not like that… mostly… except if they have been raised in American La La Land, and even then their parents expected a whole lot of respect, hard work, fealty, and sacrifice from them, to get where they are.


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