Loretta Lynch Scared to Death 2B Bumped Off for Charging Clintons With Crime, Laughed at by Congress!

clintongodfatherShe has been threatened by the Clinton Crime Syndicate not to criminally charge Hillary and her gang. It is so obvious. Semantically she is just trying to get out from under the judicial decision to not do anything. Comey and his team made the decision and i trusted them to come to the right decision and signed it, without reading it? Ha! No! Loretta, you didn’t make the decision. And Comey? Comey didn’t make the decision either, because Loretta signed it. Comey is also scared to pay with his life and join the trail of dead bodies following the Clintons.


Bonny & Clyde

And who are the Clintons? Operatives for the Bankers’establishment who are doing their WW3 bidding, to 1. sell as many weapons to get rich off, 2. To murder millions by famine and war and disease during their war. 3. To start the war that is supposed to ring in their One World Government of the Banksters for Satan to rule disobedient rebellious humanity for 7 years after the fake “Alien” invasion these control freaks are stageing.
American democracy? Died when JFK was murdered afte being deadly sick since the 1913 federal Reserve Act. A crimocracy is left of what was once a good Christian Country.


And Americans? They just watch Fox and CNN to tsay asleep to try to nap through their horrendous American Nightmare that has been affllicting this world for almost a century! The humanity! Ayayayai! The reaping! Ayayayai! The death and the destruction! Ayayayai! Hell is getting over populated. “Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to Life Eternal, and few there be that find it.” — Jesus!


CORRUPTION! Yesterday Greta Van Susteren asked people on Twitter if she should make a segment on Hillary’s health. Today she abruptly left FOX after 14 years.

From my Facebook page

<img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CrrqXp5XgAAqd1a.jpg&quot; alt=""

The Central Bankers Are Preparing For The Inevitable, The Entire System Collapsing

The Soros Foundation Hack: Years of Behind the Scenes Influence Exposed

Serious Economic Crisis On the Horizon- Artificial Stock Market’s Staged Collapse

Investor Jim Rogers has some sobering words on the future of the global economy. Even though the leading oil producers are working on price stabilization, he warns another significant economic crash could be on the cards within a couple of years. Oil prices spiked on Monday after Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed working toward

The One Trillion Dollar Consumer Auto Loan Bubble Is Beginning To Burst

Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established

As Alex rightfully points out, Soros & Co. aren’t “secret” about much of ANYTHING these days. People have become SO ignorant, that no one even bats an eyelash when a globalist thug freely speaks about his intention to use the U.N.’s migrant counsel as a weapon to undermine national homogeneity. That is utterly insane. He should be locked up. We live in a time when the head of the U.N.’s migrant counsel is openly sharing his intent to use his authority to deliberately undermine the sovereignty of countries, for no other reason than that their population is naturally indigenous, or potentially more predisposed to being white. What?!?!

FBI Hillary Investigation Was An Inside Job


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