New US-supported “moderate” terrorist group formed in Idlib (eligible for TOWs)

Three major rebel factions from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have formed a new joint group called the “Free Idlib Army.”

The Free Idlib Army is comprised of fighters from the Free Syrian Army’s “Division 13”, “Suqour Al-Jabal”, and the “Northern Division.”

This new rebel group will be backed by the U.S. and they will be eligible to receive the anti-tank TOW missiles because of their “moderate” status.

The factions that formed the Free Idlib Army were allied with jihadist rebel groups like Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham’ however, this does not appear to be an issue for the U.S.

Captain Hassan Hajj ‘Ali will be the commander of the Free Idlib Army, per Syrian opposition activists.

Videos: Druze leader vows to fight terrorists despite Israel, Zahreddine inspects Quneitra front lines


Druze Sheikh Abu Abdullah Massoud recorded a video message for Al-Qaeda and its allies in Syria who were attacking Hader in Quneitra province days ago. In the video message he promises that Druze fighters will defend their people, despite any intervention by Israel who are supporting Al-Qaeda and its allies.

Meanwhile, Yaroub Zahreddine, the brother of the famous Major-General Issam Zahreddine, has inspected the frontlines with Druze fighters in Quneitra.

With terrorist attacks in Druze areas, the minority group has galvanized and mobilized its forces to expel terrorist forces from its regions.


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