EU president Donald Tusk facing criminal probe in Poland following president’s plane crash

PROSECUTORS in Poland are looking at the potential of bringing criminal charges following the plane crash that killed country’s president and his wife in 2010.

By Siobhan McFadyen

Mr Tusk is coming under serious pressure over the death of the former president GETTY

Mr Tusk is coming under serious pressure over the death of the former president

And they are turning their attention to EU president Donald Tusk who was Prime Minister of the country for seven years amid a storm of anger that he could have broken section 129 of the country’s penal code citing that he could be investigated for treason.

Politician Beata Mazurek, an advocate of law and justice, has called on the country’s National Public Prosecutor’s office to investigate claims Mr Tusk may have acted in detriment to the state.

Now lawyers acting for the families of the ninety-six passengers on board the Tu-154 military jet carrying Polish president Lech Kaczyński, his wife, the central bank chief as well as notable political and military figures, are insisting a “diplomatic betrayal” occurred following the crash which brought the aircraft down in Smolensk, Russia in April 2010. 



Personally I think IF this is true, he may have been rewarded for criminal cowardice and murder of the Polish elite with this European Union top job. He really proved his “worth” to the Illuminati Freemasonic Cabal that leads Europe and the Soviet Union, in subservience to them, If this is proven true – which I doubt will ever be shown — he would be one of the worst traitors to a nation in history. The man’s countenance certainly speaks against him, indicating a lack of moral values, fear and guilt.

I am not anti Russian like much of the present West’s propaganda. But if this planting of explosives on board of the Tupolev plane is proven, then that would implicate Russia’s security/intelligence services with the massacre as well. There were already doubts about the proposed landing that the Smolensk airport had moved the landing lights farther out into the very forest where the plane crashed. If the Russians had foreknowledge of the crash, they obviously didn’t want it to explode on the landing strip or inside the airport.

Also right after the crash, one of the first witnesses on the ground video-ed people going through the wreckage and one could hear gun shots. That would be understandable if there weren’t supposed to be any survivors of the Crash who would be able to tell the story of what really happened from within the plane! This entire crash saga smells of criminality and it looks like the Russians (and therefore Putin) were complicit in this massacre.

The greatest irony of this fishy story is that these representatives of the Polish elite were going to participate in a “mea culpa” memorial of the Katyn Forest Massacre of 20.000 Polish officers that were murdered by the NKVD, a heavily Jeish led secutiry apparatus that “disappeared” 60-80 millions of (mainly Christian) Russians as well, via direct murder and the gulags in Siberia. This way the memorial service was never held and was obliterated with a new massacre. Smart evading of guilt of a massacre with another massacre!

It makes one wonder, how much the present Russian elite and government is still dancing to the tunes of the Judaic “Bolsjewiks” of Wall Street. Supposedly the Soviet Union fell apart, but the former KGB defector Golitsyn already warned the United States intelligence in the 80-ies I believe, that the then still coming folding of the Soviet Union would be a fake one, as a ploy to make the United States think that they had won the cold war, and would let down their guard, which they did, big time.

The Zionist Khazarian elite went underground and became the “Russian” Mafia that terrorised the Russian population and Europe at large as well. They immediately bought up whatever had value and then came out as the tycoons many of whom are STILL in charge of them today, in spite of the arrest and expulsion of Berezovsky and the other guy Kodorkovsky who is part of Rothschilds’ Soros’ Open Society. Of course all that expulsion and legal hassles and expulsion of Soros etc, may only be window dressing to give us all the impression that Putin and Russia’s elite is now not kosher anymore, but the good guys who follow international law. I kind of doubt that though. It smells much of hegelian dialectics to make Russia the good anthesis to America the bad guy thesis, and all leading to the One World government synthesis, guided by Russia and their real rulers, the Intl. bankers.

Of course I would love to believe that Putin is a nice Christian fellow that is trying to help Syria, out of totally heartfelt innocent motivations, and he is trying to give us the impression that he is obeying International law, but big bad America is not, but I have me doubts about that.Of course America IS breaking all international law and only applying it to their enemies like Serbia and Libya’s Gadaffi, and they wish to drag Bashar Al Assad in to the Court of the Hague. But is Russia really lily-white and innocent?

If they were they would come out and tell what really happened during Soviet Times how many millions of their own countrymen, of their own citizens they sacrificed for Lenin, Stalin, and Wall Street, but they haven’t and they won’t. If they did, it would cause such a backlash that the old top would be lynched or hanged. Too much is at stake there.

But that is not the only motivation to keep the exposes at bay, and limited to the forbidden books of Solzhenitsyn, who recorded and told the story of the Zionist Judaic Wall Street genocide of Russians. No, a lot is still under wraps, and I wonder if it will ever come out in the future. I don’t think Putin is about to expose the truth of this most gigantic genocide in history, a REAL holocaust.

He did mention that the politburo and Cheka and NKVD were 85 % Jeish when he opened the new Chabd library in Moscow I believe, but that was a very small exposure. and yet there is reason to believe that Russia doesn’t want to avenge itself violently against their murderers, as God through the mouth of His Bible prophet Ezekiel says, that He will put hooks in the jaws of Russian Gog the Antichrist! He seems to be totally unwilling to do so, that God has to drag him by his jaws, his mouth? his words?- to drag him to Israel to invade it and punish its Zionists – because many Jews are not Zionists, as you can see in the articles before this one, and God will puish them for polluting His Name!

Read it for yourself.. Ezekiel 38 and 39. Very interesting. and then these dumb American Zionist Evangelicals believe that God will protect and defend Israel miraculously from this Russian invasion. These US evangelicals are a disaster area, when it comes to Bible prophecy. Rather it says that Russia will be a guide to many other countries that will invade together, Iran (Persia) Libya, Ethiopia (Africa, Somalia, Sudan?) Togarmah (Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and others Magyar?) and Gomer and all its bands. Gomer is the patriarch of the French, Irish, Welsh, Scots, and many others, because Gomer’s descendants are all mixed now. So in short it means most of Europe will participate in this invasion. Also more understandable in the light of Soros’ immigration propaganda and support and policy that rules in Europe, backfiring on Israel, when the Muslims there get more power and foothodl and part of the armies there, and will of course deceide for an invasion of Israel.

The so-called defense by God is not so much for the Zionists in Israel but to defend Jerusalem and His land from total destruction, and that defense will not come instantly as it appears to read in Ezekiel, but it speaks of the presence of the Lord being exposed to ALL his enemies and armies that come up against Israel. THAT can only mean the Battle of Armageddon, which is supposed to only come after the revelation of Jesus from the Sky and the gathering of his chosen Christian children of God. THEN some 75 days later they will all come back with the Lord in the lead to take vengeance on all the armies that gather in Israel and they will be totally defeated and get graves there in the valley of Hinnom.

Then there will be paece on Earth, and they will learn war no more! A happy ending when God finishes of the war mongers with His war! A just conclusion, I’d say. What do you say?


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