Europeans could learn national unity from Syrians, for it may happen to them soon!

Syrians love their own country and most of them are squarely behind Assad and many of them fighting the foreign mercenaries send by US, Israel, UK, France, Saudi, Qatar, and other Wahhabists. Syrians may win the fight because they are united! THAT is the trouble in European nations. Their enemies (think Soros) have divided them and so they are conquered. So in order to win the fight against their enemies foreign and domestic they have got learn from the Syrians… to unite OR say goodbye to their countries.

And I might add: Try to recover their lost faith in the Christian God that once made Europe great in art, culture, music, literature, architecture, faith, and all the other positive sides of these once kinder, more caring, meeker Gentiles than they are today! A post Christians Hell hole defeating themselves by listening to propaganda to divorce, to abort, to shun marriage, shun children, and family! Thus they are destroying themselves! In that single aspect Soros is right, but he and his cohorts were the very ones who made the propaganda for those negatives, in the first place.

GRAPH BELOW: SWEDEN IS IN MOST DANGER, THEN THE UK, THEN SPAIN, THEN GERMANY. FINALLY THE GREEKS ARE THE SMARTEST NOW, ALTHOUGH POWERLESS UNDER ENEMY POLITICIANS. (hint: Look at the green parts to understand the above.)chartoftheday_5247_do_europeans_fear_diversity_n OhNocryingEuropeanleaders EuropeanForcedImmigration


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