Blind Watchmen – Dumb dogs that can’t bark! – love their own Nemesis!

christian-zionism-calf1These Evilgelical Israel worshipping Murrican wind bag preachers love and worship their own Nemesis! Still deceived by the false doctrine of the Scofield Bible and his “Israel” deception, they ought to be “thanking” these people for destroying their economy via the Federal Reserve Act, the WTC towers and its 3000 occupants, their birth rate numbers by their planted abortion, the destructive immigration of immigrants, and by their godless antichrist media their own children AND their own “Christianity” they claim to represent! dECEIVED DUMB DOGS THAT CANNOT EVEN BARK WHEN THE ENEMY KNOCKS ON THEIR DOORS!

Lisa Haven AS WELL discredits herself for promoting these wind bags, these dogs that cannot even bark! What they are trying to “scream” into our ears is a gross deception, Zionist Christianity! They believe that if they have faith as a mustard seed they can say to the scattered rocks of Israel to come together from out of the sea and become a mountain again! And they are in fact doing it, while they THINK that it is God doing it! These dimwits actually believe that that was God’s will.

Sure! God will allow it so they can fill up their cups of wickedness! He will let them Khazarians come together for their own demise plus the demise of these Americans for the same reason, at the same time, because they have become and THEY ARE disobedient “ISRAEL” together! And they think that God is going to defend them together? According to Ezekiel 38,39!

But Ezekiel 38,39 indicates that instead of defending them, He will lead them to their joined destruction together, before the coming of Jesus Christ. Sure! God will finally show his face and fury will come up into it and He will take it out on his worldwide warmongering enemies who will zoom in onto their own Armageddon demise, where they will be demised alltogether as well, and God will spare Jerusalem!!!

So, if you like to be deceived by these blind watchmen, these dumb dogs that refuse to bark and warn America for their USraeli demise, then be sure to tune in to these windbags, for then you will deserve your own demise as well. How? WHy? Because you will be just like your own captors. YOU will have become disobedient “Israel” as well, and are up to be destroyed as Babylon the Whore that you have become who is in love with the Merchants! As it says in Revelation 17 & 18.

THIS is the greatest deception ever foisted on the whole world! Save yourselves from THIS untoward generation, if you can still hear and make out the still small voice of God in the midst of the screaming of these deceivers and false prophets, who THINK they try to save Murrica, but are in fact helping and expediting their own destruction, from lo these last 75 years almost.

Well, as jesus said about the Pharisees, “Leave them ALONE! Let the blind lead the blind! They will both fall into the ditch they have digged for themselves! Murrica and Khazaria will both fall into their own chosen ditch together! And if you still don’t understand what this deception entails check out the-abomination-and-blasphemy-of-christian-zionism by Jewish Christian writer James Perloff

As jesus said, “For the Kingdom of God shall be taken away from you and givenb to a nation bearing the fruits thereof!” and as he answered and cursed the disobedient fig tree who said that it had fruits, where as He couldn’t find any… “Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever.!!!!” Matthew 21:19

Even many Jewish Rabbis are way smarter than these “prrrrophetic prrrofessional windbags” that are leading American and European and — God forbid– Third World Christians, .. ASTRAY!



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