WWII Survivor Warns of SOCIALISM and GUN CONTROL! (MUST WATCH)/Fight the evil that is Hillary and for those that want to know Socialism listen to someone that lived through it.

Hillary’s Socialism very similar to Hitler’s National Socialism. Anti-gun, anti freedom of religion, anti press freedom, anti freedom via national ID cards, equal income, tyranny, political indoctrination, anti family, pro state nurseries, state radio, state newspapers, state sports, state schools, compulsory state  control, children controlled by the state psychologists, sociologists,  just like today! If you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it. MUST WATCH!

Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. The similarities to today’s left and their “progressive agenda”, are staggering! This is a MUST WATCH!


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