The Armed Islamic Invasion & Impending Sack of Europe, Hungarian Intelligence

Bill Still reporting from Washington, plus a shocking Hungarian TV interview about the surreptitious invasion by armed Islamic soldiers to turn Europe in a Muslim Sharia Law political entity. Don’t believe it? Just listen. Corroborating evidence are the weapon caches found in Europe several times, even under immigrant centers. Also weapon imports via ships were proven when one of them was intercepted by Greek or Italian (?) coastguards. This invasion is supported and financed by Soros for the bankers, to mongrelise Europeans and neutralise their active opposition to globalism. Europeans are slowly boiled frogs propagandised by their Neo-Marxist dupes in government which have taken over most institutions over the last 75 years since WW2, masquerading as democratic socialists. Therefore the core of most of these entrenched European “politicians” and “apparatchiks” are hard core Marxist useful idiots who are just ushering in the One World Government supported by Masonic Judaic Illuminist forces bred and supported by the banksters. Europeans? A sorry Marxist media brainwashed apostate lot who gave up the faith of their fathers in Jesus Christ which and Who gave them defensive protection from the Turks a mere 500 years ago at Vienna, and Tours before that. Now they are infiltrated, invaded, and spiritually castrated from nation-based unity. Farewell Europa! Your days are numbered.

Syrian Refugee Helps German Police to Pinpoint ISIS Terrorists


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