Rebellious genocidal Anti-God billionaires want to Break out of God’s Matrix while enslaving us into THEIRS!


Billionaires – You know.. those guys who stole all our money and enslaved most of us & want to get us ALL under their totalitarian control! Yes Those guys! — think we are living in a Matrix and they, the rebellious billionaires, want to get OUT of the Matrix! Whose Matrix is it anyway? The Creation Matrix of the God of love who wants to educate humanity in love to love by allowing their mistakes in free will choice. The billionaires want to get rid of GOD! You see the billionaires created and are still creating THEIR Matrix for us the slaves, from which they don’t want US to escape, but THEY want to get rid of the designer of the Universal Creation Matrix, by somehow cutting GOD out of the picture! HA! And you know these stupid asses don’t even realise that THEIR master Satan is the one inspiring them to do so. They are as rebellious as their master, and while promising US freedom and liberty with their goddamned technology, they are genociding millions of us and setting the rest of us in Agenda 21 and Agenda 1030 capturing us in their damned cities, setting us up for total slavery! Such hypocrites! WATCH & ENJOY & PRAY!

SEE HOW THEY ENSLAVE SIMPLE FARMERS TO MILK THEM! IRS is full of thieving idiots from hell who will pay for their sins.


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