Long Live the Thai Kingdom & Unity of Thai People Inspite of the American State Department



The thing Thailand observers have to realise is the following: The internationalists – bent on their One World Government 2B short-lived pipe dream! – HATE the unity of the Thai people! Why? Because their motto: “Ordo ab chao” order out of chaos is their method. They break all nations, either by

  • dividing them physically like after World War 2 in Germany (East & West), Korea (N &S), Europe (Capitalist & Communist) China (Mainland Taiwan) Vietnam (N&S) India (Into Paki and Bangladesh) Iraq & Syria in smaller ethnic states via ISIS & the Kurds,
  • dividing them culturally through Marxism into Left & Right, Hetero Homo, Rich & Poor, Young & Old, Pro Life & Pro Abortion, Liberal – Conservative, etc. etc.
  • Dividing them spiritually: Importing and injecting other cultures and religions into homogeneous cultures and nations, as we see the Marxist Bankster dupes importing Africans, Syrians, and Arabs into Europe and North America, etc. As they control the media criticism of these migrations is forbidden in all media and social networks.
  • Division from their own rulers, so they become headless and easy prey for the parasites and outside attackers like the American State Department, as they did with the Ukraine! THAT is what they want to do with Thailand! And in the new crown prince they have a nice tasty open target, as he definitely is not perfect, and so the killing raid on the Royal house is now getting its boots on! And THAIS SHOULD NOT FALL FOR THIS PLOY!

Sure, the crown prince is a playboy! But probably not as bad nor any worse than Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Juncker, Beroso, Jenner, British Cameron, Hollande, British royals, Dutch royals, or any African head of state like West protected Mugabe, or Kembila president of the Kongo, or even Zuma of South Africa! The difference is that those sinful operatives are on the side of the New World Order, or the coming One World Government! And I pray the Crown Prince is not!

The NWO forces, led by the American State Department and the Internationalists, do not attack THEIR dictatorships like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc. No! They only attack the ones that are not under control yet, like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.

And now even RT -Russia Today- has joined the fray against Thailand in a damning gutter press article denouncing the new King to be. And who is the main instigator in that article with possibly even photoshopped photos of the crown prince? Of course, who else but Andrew Gavin Marshall, this snake of a “reporter” working for the Lowy Institute and the Australian University who were/are some of the main forces of subverting Thai Unity under the banner of “democracy” [also absent in Australia or the European Union, and the USA!] , to defeat Thailand through sponsoring the Red Shirts and their globalist corrupt former prime minister Shinawatra, that globalist CFR operative to bring Thailand into the New World Order.

Whether you see it or not, RT is now also knocking the Thai monarchy, as they also work for the same supra globalist forces, albeit on the other side of the Hegelian dialectic than the United States. The synthesis stays the same! One World Government.

So anybody helping to knock the crown prince for his obvious weaknesses – WHO is NOT weak? – is aiding the globalists to weaken the monarchy, which weakens the Thai unity, which strengthens the Red opposition, and causes the Thais to fall into the abyss of division that has afflicted the rest of the nations already. 

THAT is the reason Thailand — and the Philippines! — are turning away form the American globalists that Trump ostensibly is trying to beat. But they must be aware that even the other (Russian & Chinese) side is neither keen on maintaining the Thai unity!

You  may ask, why do you care so much about Thailand. I as an Asian love that country, I lived there, I appreciate its people, as flawed as they may be. And I believe Jesus’ promise that the MEEK shall inherit the Earth! I like Thailand to resist the New World Order as long as possible, so they can be FREE as long as possible, until we will ALL be swallowed up by the dark night of the ultimately SATANIC tyranny that is about to swallow the entire Earth!

Like Taiwan, the Thai nation and monarchy have been awfully good to the Kingdom of God, allowing their missions, churches, and FREEDOM of religion, which is necessary for the spread of the Kingdom of God, whether you like it or not. The Kingdom of God is spreading from person to person, via word of mouth, via Korean missionaries, to Chinese missionaries in Pakistan and Iran! Under the surface God’s people is growing like cabbage, even as the trendy Western apostasy is causing the falling away of millions there, through their own rebellion against Love & Freedom while opening up to the Satanic lies of the false lying secular humanist media. It is their own fault and downfall that they opted for Hell on Earth and Hell here after! His truth is marching on, whether they like it or not. As Jesus said, the gates of Hell will not prevail against the attacks of the Kingdom of Love.

Whose side are you on? I hope you are on the side of the straight gate and the narrow way! All other wide gates and broad ways lead to hellish destruction! Which are you?



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