Trump Has no problem with women! Prudish American Marxists & Religious Hypocrites DO!

donaldtrump-womenNormal women LOVE Trump! You definitely don’t see a photo like this with the Clinton predators! And it is not just the prudish hypocritical judging religious Pharisee types, but especially the self righteous “moral” Marxist LGBT “Democ-rats” who are even worse! They despise natural men’s predilection for sexy pretty women! Why? Because Marxists hate Sex and babies because they want to control and kill 6/7th of the world population. So they invent “Climate Change”, “Abortion”, “LBGT”, “Population Control”, and by their new language turn men into women, natural women into man-haters like Hillary, and demonise men as “perverts”, “rapists”, “misogynists”, machos”, and a whole slew of other new popular Cultural Marxist words, to change normal nature into a new perverted reality.

Look at how they scream over Trump’s private “pussy” bravado talk while totally minimising Clinton’s rapes and their long death list of opponents and detractors. These Marxists make lots of noise decrying Trump’s manly talk but when Planned Parenthood has Killed Over 7 Million Unborn Children and sells them down the river, they say nothing and don’t bat an eye, instead even attack those that expose their vile murders!

“Pharisees, Hypocrites, nest of vipers!” Jesus said to his enemies. “You strain on a gnat and swallow a camel! How will ye escape the damnation of hell!”

But not only the Marxists! Also the self righteous religionists have made America into a prudish nation full of hypocrites that scream bloody murder when they catch a politician or public figure doing what comes only natural,  while all the time they all screw the same kinds of sex in private. But woe unto you when they catch you in adultery, they viciously turn on them like the Pharisees did, whereas Jesus didn’t even answer them. American religionists are the worst Pharisaical hypocrites you can imagine.

In Europe people don’t even bat an eye at sexual capers of politicians or power brokers. They are not surprised and just make fun of them, like Berlusconi. Of course they had a courtcase against him, but the Italians are mostly upset about his corrupt power and media influence over the nation. But prudish Americans try to hold up this lily white Pharisaical facade, and “woe unto you” if you break that false facade. Americans and American media will jump on you and go into a public feeding frenzy for weeks. But when their military, navy or air force murders millions of foreigners in far away sovereign countries.. nobody bats an eye again.

Murder of the innocents seems to be OK in American minds, at least not worthy to write or talk about very much in Media or Press, but woe unto you if you cross the prudish American moral sexual prudery lines, then you really get in trouble!

And so America doesn’t care that Hillary has already promised to attack Iran, and Syria, and start World War III over it, but they get all offended when Trump thought he was privately jesting about women with a friend in a course manly way, and didn’t know that some Judas was recording him and then trotted it out in public for all to hear and see. They ought to get upset that Trump was brazenly betrayed by the Judas Media. They didn’t have to broadcast his diatribes? It was private!

But that is what you can expect from America! Vile hypocrisy! They don’t mind that babies get killed, but loudly protest when baby making sexuality of horny men gets into the limelight. Well, I believe still in the old adage, “Make Love Not WAR! You hypocrites will get the Clintons and you will get their WAR! Give me honest Trump anytime as long as he also doesn’t make war for Israel! I am just not sure about that!


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