Proof that political events are ALL staged! While you’re being molded into slaves!

The major political and geopolitical events of the 21st, and even of the 20th century (and God knows how long before!), were ALL created, stage-managed public shows, and engineered spectacles, designed to set up hoodwinked humanity for their ultimate fall and enslavement. We’ll show you how it was and still is done, and how they set it all up and stage-manage the  ignorant masses with the following example of this funny Japanese prank show.

The obvious fact that the producers of this show planned to con these people, would not be considered “a conspiracy theory!” But stating that the most powerful top people of this evil world have “no agenda” for the masses, nor “different plans” for humanity than we have for ourselves and thus would not be involved in a conspiracy against humanity? That would be the peak of naiveté, gullibility, and willful ignorance, if not stupidity. Especially after what we’ve already been through these last 100 years or so! conspiracytheorist-624x413Like the above Japanese TV show, unsuspecting people suddenly become tragic subjects or victims to well pre-planned events, supposed to evoke certain reactions in the subjects, all involuntarily. Fear, discouragement, dis-armament, and brainless compliance with whatever and whenever these wickedly smart planners choose to evoke in us or around the world.

edbernayspublicrelationsIt is called social engineering, and it became a science in the early 19 hundreds after Jewish Edward Bernays wrote his most important oeuvre with the innocent titles of ‘Propaganda’ (1928) and ‘Public Relations’ (1945).

Bernays was an Austrian-American pioneer, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations“. Bernays combined the ideas of Gustave Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter on crowd psychology with the psychoanalytical ideas of his uncle, Sigmund Freud.

In typical self-righteous supremacist superiority, he felt his manipulation programs were necessary in society, which he regarded as “irrational and dangerous” as a result of the “herd instinct” that Trotter had described. So Mr. Bernays — who was not part of “the herd” of course! — decided to exploit this wicked knowledge in the interests of monopoly corporations, weapon producers, top bankers, and other control freaks.

Ever since, until now a hundred years later, manipulation has been the tragic order of the day, something that is happening to the poor befuddled deceived masses on a massive scale! So young people (and some adults) walk around advertising their clothing tycoons corporate labels on their very own T-shirts, shoes, bags, watches, and smart spy phones, thinking they are really cool! But they don’t get paid for all that free advertising. The humanity!

Still, most people are blissfully unawares what is happening to them, that they are the unwitting actors in grandiose engineered stage productions. Even when confronted with these facts, they deny it up and down, and even reject the very ones who try to help them by exposing it, in order to save them from these secret machinations and manipulations.

They’re like the children who were horsing around on a small boat on the Niagara river slowly nearing the sign that said, “Point of No Return!” A man on the river bank was trying to get their attention, but in vain. They were swept over the brink of the roaring falls to their doom! A tragedy being repeated today on a massive scale, as masses of humans are unknowingly swept into Hell on Earth and Hades here after!

If you weren’t aware of this mass manipulation yet, look for example how the writers of the Simpsons, and of the “Illuminati Card Game” somehow knew future events before they happened! Like 9-11, the death of Prince, all recorded decades in advance. How did they know? Simple! They were either told by their planner friends, or were themselves part of the social engineers’ clique!simpson-trumprediction

Look at this Trump scene predicting his presidential run in 2001? Click on this link for the RT article on that! You mean to say that even Donald Trump was already subject for 16 years to some devious long planned scheme of these wicked manipulators, to run the United States during their demise in the imminent Economic Crash and growing World War 3? It wouldn’t surprise me, at all! They appoint and name presidents and judges at will, and simply eliminate the ones they don’t want. IF Trump wins the elections, they wanted him to win the elections.

That’s how much their power has grown this last century.

sheepdogTake a look at this gif file below, of how some of the so-called ISIS beheadings were planned and filmed by either the CIA, Mossad, or MI6, with green screens! Then it got published on Rita katz’ SITE site, even before ISIS posted it? And we were all told by their Media that it was real, and we believed it, so that we would support the coming Israeli-American war against Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and the entire middle East, and HATE Muslims and Arabs again. And all the while we were simply being stage managed again and manipulated to believe their propaganda so we would support the wars of the wicked plotters. “Jihadi John?” Yeah right! CIA John, you mean, in a Mossad studio!

isis-studio-foley-comparisonAnd all the while, the West (US, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, etc.) was destroying Syria with their own engineered “terrorists” whom they recruited from Arab prisons, Black Water mercenaries, Muslim Mujahedin, and Al Qaeda which the CIA sponsored long ago to beat the Russians in Afghanistan. And we were all told that it was Al Qaeda who destroyed the WTC buildings and hijacked the planes! And sure! We all believed it. That’s how the war was won! How we were all taken in by their staged War on Terror fraud! Perhaps it is time to wake up, no?

And no one had ever heard of Barak Obama! first of all because his real name was Barry Soetoro, and he was INDEED born in Kenya, that even Trump does not dare to dispute, and falsified his birth certificate. But wonder of wonder the Russian Academy of Science in 1992 told Tom Fife that they had already chosen a black president for the United States with the name Barak. How did the Russians decide that the USA was going to have a black president? Read that report here

Well, could it be that both the United States and Russia are stage managed by the same forces, and that like a puppet show for gullible little children, those two “super powers” get played out against each other as thesis and antithesis, to bring about the synthesis of the REAL One World Government? And how? Just look at the following link & introduction:

Leaked Emails Prove That A Shadow Gov Rules: Hillary Aims to “Make Soros Happy”

The fact that Hillary can have all this come out and remain standing is clear proof that she has crossed the Rubicon, and the republic has been sold to an elite pack of Caesars. Emperors and gods on earth, or whatever. “I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make Soros happy),” Mook tells Abedin. […] “She is having dinner with George Soros tonight,” Abedin responds.

For all those rushing to the polls to vote against the Shadow Government, and vexed about “vote rigging” but still putting their token of compliance into the vote count anyway, do so, but don’t hold your breath for the “change” and “hope” rope-a-dope again. The votes have been rigged for some time now.

And as far as the elections are concerned? Look at this short video:

They staged the past, How Much More the Present!

They staged the destruction of the USA by sending big industries to China, letting big corporations leave to use cheaper Third World workers. They set up the US Army to torture in Abu Graib prison, and Guantanamo, to give America an even dirtier reputation it already had. In the meantime they sponsored Russia and China to become militarily superior with superior high tech missiles, enemy radar freezing high tech, and the new Armata tanks! And Russia respects International Law and the resolutions of the United nations! It’s again the old “good cop versus bad cop” routine. Don’t you just love Russia?

Wow! What a good righteous country! Putin “respects” Christian religion, while not being so keen on Gay propaganda and Pussy Riot, even defending the poor genocided Arabs like Syria against the evil Americans, while being a paragon of strength to the entire world in contrast to that Marijuana smoking lazy Communist silver spoon Yale student who hangs around with the Alinsky crowd and Acorn, while turning America into the same Marxist Hell Hole that the Powers-That-Be used to turn Russia into!

After their Wall Street sponsored 1917 revolution, they genocided 60-80 million Russians! Who would not love a righteous president like Putin and such a “truth beacon” like Russia Today that says (almost) all the right things? Well the World is beginning to believe! Slowly Russia is winning the subtle propaganda war by setting a righteous example, and promoting a multi polar world, even though promoting Globalism and RT Global Warming. Amazing no? How can they lose it? They won’t!

And you don’t think that the Russians are not under the control of the shadow world government of the bankers? The Russian rebirth is not staged? Awe, you’re so cute.

What Else Was Staged in the Past! Everything!

You may ask “what other events were planned far in advance?” Well, you’d be surprised!
Here is a simple list of the biggies, all proven by past independent investigative research:

  • They bought up the mainstream media to control the narrative
  • They caused World War 1 and US participation by staging the Lusitania sinking.
  • They set up Germany to fail by heavy indebtation of the Versailles Treaty.
  • They stole the American Money & Govt. Bank by staging the Federal Reserve in 1913.
  • Wall Street staged and financed the “Russian” Revolution in 1917.
  • The Federal reserve caused the 1929 Crash, Crisis, and impoverishment of America.
  • They staged, promoted, & financed Hitler & his Third Reich to destroy and enslave Germany!
  • They staged “Israel” by the British Bankers and illegal Balfour declaration.
  • The British MI6, Hollywood, and CIA set up & framed the Arabs for Western Hate.
  • They caused World war 2. They set up & staged the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.
  • They caused the splitting of nations worldwide, E & W-Germany, N- & S-Vietnam, N & S-Korea,
  • They planned at Yalta the Capitalist West & East Communist Europe, China & Taiwan,
  • They caused the Vietnam War by financing the Communists & staging the Gulf of Tonkin hoax.
  • They caused the fall of Iranian democrat Mossadeq and the CIA staged the rise of the Shah!
  • They set up & framed Harvey Oswald for their own organised assassination of J.F.K
  • By it they staged a bloodless silent Coup d’Etat and CIA take-over of the US government
  • They framed Sirhan Sirhan for their own staging the assassination of R.F.K
  • They caused the fall of the Shah and staged the rise of the Khomeini religious regime.
  • They caused public vilification of US Militia by staging the Oklahoma Bombing & Randy Weaver
  • They staged the “War on Terror” by 9-11, framing Osama Bin laden for their own WTC demolition!
  • CIA staged War on Iraq by “weapons of mass destruction” framing their own Saddam Hussein!
  • The US State Department staged Middle Eastern “Arab springs” (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria)
  • The US State Department staged the “Colour revolutions” in the Ukraine!
  • The US State Department staged Thailand’s “Red Shirts”,
  • The US State Department staged Birma’s “Democratisation” by Aung San Suu Kyi.
  • The US State Department Shadow Government is staging the growing World War 3.
  • The World Shadow government is staging economic failure, famine, population genocide

eu-sott_toon_divide_and_conquer_fAnd Syria? America used Al Qaeda in 9-11, and uses it now in Syria to change the regime! In fact we need regime change in the USA, from shadow government to people government!

“Those Terrible Terror & Gun Attacks? – Staged Sir!”

They staged the Sandy Hook Shooting, the Boston Bombing, and many other false flag attacks, and shooting hoaxes, and dubious public bombings, most set up and supplied by FBI operatives, for US gun ban legislation in order to disarm and destroy Americans. fakeshooting obamashootingsThe Shadow Govt.’s Latest Stage Productions

But that’s not all! There were and are many more staged events, movements, cultural changes, machinations, planned destructions of moral  values, and destruction of Christian culture, because genuine Christianity is their greatest enemy, as it – contrary to popular opinion! – makes men REAL independent thinkers!

And thus they staged the following also

  • The cultural hippy and drug revolution of the 1960-ies, in accordance with anti-authoritarian principles of Cultural Marxism & social engineering theories by from Saul Alynski, Timothy Leary, Alan Ginsberg, the CIA, and other traitors and provocateur operatives.
  • The KGB’s (read world shadow govt) demoralisation plans for the West guided by research of the British Tavistock Institute, with assistance & financing of the Rhodes Table round and Bankers!
  • Introduction of Cultural Marxist language and Christian culture destructionefugees from Western Wars flow into the West, Europe and North America, to dilute Western culture and living standard and promote mongrelisation and race mixing of the nations, so they fit better into their One World Government, all sponsored and paid for by George Soros, the Open Society Agent of the Rothschilds, who has most Western politicians on the payroll and blackmailed with pedophilia by their Mossad seduction programs, a la Jeffrey Epstein.
  • “Global Warming and Climate Change” were staged and promoted by paid for and bought “scientists”to introduce a World taxation program based on energy use, “carbon credits”.
  • The destruction of the Western Education programs and take over by Marxist dupes, in order to get hold of our young minds to mold them into globalist views with weasel words like “racism”, “xenophobia”, “unity in diversity”, “multi-culturalism”, “democracy”, “we are the world”, whereas they are being micro-divided from their peers by artificial LGBT propaganda, false left and right dichotomy, “Nazi vs. Democrats”, etc. Well done shadow regime: “Divide and Conquer”still works today very well! The entire world is at war with each other.
  • And religion? Globalists are their own gods, so who needs religion that only captures 2/3 of the world population over whom the control freaks have less or no power! So religion is out, and that explains the media war against it, and why most young people are now fully programmed against and taught to suppress their own religious instincts and basic dilemmas of “Why was I born, Why am i here? Why do I die? And Where will I go after?” Now they don’t believe in religion
  • And that is the final conclusion. The World is taken over by a Satanic cult operating on lots of money to grease their wheels and corruption, to buy the media, tv, and internet, and to bullshit the entire world population turning them against their unique very own saviour Jesus Christ who came to die for them, didn’t want anything else from them but their love and loyalty. But they were recently (100 years) just taught to spurn Him, who wanted to free them from the wicked money changers and give them a world and culture of love God and love each other. Not hing more! But most are choosing the Devil and his henchmen instead.

And that is the moral of the entire story. World government is not a bad thing in itself, as long as the rulers of it are loving and righteous, instead of the wicked control freaks who are now running the secret show! And actually after this globalist run has destroyed itself, the world will be taken over finally by jesus Christ who will rule it without any more wars, in love and mercy. It is the long prophesied Millennium, where the Meek WILL inherit the Earth!. Are you ready?

So, whose side are you on? It will decide where you will go to after you exit from this world game level. Will you vote for heaven? Or will you vote for and go to hell.
It is totally UP TO YOU! AMEN.


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