Pertinent Articles on Thailand’s Struggle Against Foreign Western Globalist Destabilisers


How disingenious, how sneeky, how globalist, how subversive, how Marxist, how destabilising, how disrespectful, how blatant, are the executive editors of the Bangkok Post shit sheet, to put Yingluck Shinawatra, the daughter of a criminal and subverter of the nation for her father and indirectly for the US State Department, Brookings Insititute, Chatham House, Council of Foreign Relations, and of course the bankster control freaks,  to put a smiling Shinawatra scion on the front page during the time of mourning for the real benefactor of the Thai people, with fawning red shirt dupes, even though she is rightly fined for duping the rice farmers!  And then the military caretaker government that saved the country from the Marxist Globalist attacks is snidely called the Junta! Of course being military it is strictly speaking a Junta, but I wouldn’t expect the Bangkok Post shit-sheet to call Obama’s and incoming Killary’s regime a “Junta”, although they are technically more so than the Thai military caretakers govt. ever will be, for the simple reason that they are mere puppies of the Military Industrial Complex that has hijacked the American nation where there is less democracy now than there is in Thailand. the voting machines are rigged, Hillary obeys the Rothschilds, and criminally deletes scurity emails, and criminally violently attacks the other presidential candidate. The Bangkok Post is a total detriment to Thailand, subversive to the Thai people’s desire to stay independent of globalist bankers’ aspirations, and I wish it a fast painful mainstream lying media death! Long Live and God bless Thailand and the FREE Thai people!

US Seeks to Exploit Thailand’s Transition to Destabilize Asia

October 21, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – The passing of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej marks a historical, cultural, and geopolitical event of yet unknown proportions. His time as Thailand’s head of state spanned decades, and the stabilizing progressive nature of his reign has transformed Thailand into an economically and culturally significant center of power within Southeast Asia and in Asia itself.

With his passing, the Western media, long attempting to undermine him in life, took the opportunity to defame him in death, claiming he resided over a “divided” nation bound to unravel with his passing.

They also took the opportunity to defame and distort the character of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s heir, Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.  Despite the baseless gossip and speculation about the Prince’s private life, his public life has been marked with distinction in service to the nation, serving as a special forces operator in combat along Thailand’s borders, a trained pilot, and a regular figure presiding over public functions.

Like his father, the Prince’s role in Thai society is not determined by the Western media and the perception they dishonestly try to foster before their intentionally ill-informed audiences, but by the Thai people themselves. And during the days of mourning following the late King’s death, it has become abundantly clear that the vast majority of Thais are committed to preserving their ancient institutions, understanding them by far more deeply than the Western media has presented.

Undeterred, the West, and the United States specifically, seeks an opportunity to disrupt and destabilize Southeast Asia as a means of disrupting China’s growing influence in the region as well as Beijing’s growing ties to its regional neighbors.

Already cultivating opposition fronts and faux-nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) region wide, funded by the US State Department itself, the US believes that Thailand is experiencing a vulnerable moment of weakness it can use to create a domino effect of destabilization across the entire region.

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How Thailand Can Fight Back Against Western Media’s Lies

October 20, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – The passing of the revered and long-lived King Bhumibol Adulyadej has plunged the Kingdom of Thailand into deep mourning – mourning on a scale difficult to find anywhere else on Earth. With this great sadness, emotions are running high – not least because in the years before the King’s death, opposition groups, US-funded NGOs, and foreigners have pursued a concerted campaign to undermine, defame, and overthrow the monarchy.

Thais are fiercely defensive of their nation, their culture, and their institutions, and knowing this – Thailand’s enemies are attempting to provoke Thais as a means to further undermine both Thailand as a nation, and national unity within.

In a Facebook post I have now deleted, I mistakenly suggested protests in person against Jonathan Head of the BBC.

It was a mistake not because peacefully protesting Jonathan Head and the BBC is wrong, but because it provided him and the rest of the Western media who mean ill toward Thailand exactly what they wanted – something they could spin, lie about, twist, pose the victims of – instead of focusing on the overall positive unity and reverence exhibited across the country.

Therefore, here is a list of things Thais can do instead to fight back against the Western media, without playing into their game.

1. Protest them online: Flood their offices with e-mails and messages of your disapproval. Remain civilized, do not use inappropriate language, and do not make any threat of any kind. BBC Thailand has already pulled one of their dishonest reports because of this sort of intelligent, civilized, and overwhelming activism.

2. For every one of their negatives, do a positive: The King of Thailand spent a lifetime working to improve Thailand. Many networks have grown across Thailand inspired by his example. They include groups focused on spreading and improving organic agriculture, adopting alternative energy, improving education, and even teaching and using technology. Find one of these groups and contribute.


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