Don’t blame the Media! Blame AMERICANS for reading & watching them!

Why do you listen to lies? Why do you listen to gossip? Why do you listen to deceivers? Why do you watch those stupid idiot boxes, called TVs? Why do you subject your children to it? Why do you BUY Newsweek, Time, New York Slime, New York Post, Washington post, L.A.Times, Los Angeles Post, etc? Why do you watch CNN? MSNBC? FOX? ABC? NBC?

Trey Gowdy Screams at Stupid Media then Storms Off!

Newsweek Shamefully Silent as Twitter Demands Retraction From Implicated Writer

CNN forced to cover undercover video “kicking and screaming” as predicted by James O’Keefe! Reporter asking questions about Veritas videos

So the media is acting like Trump is CRAZY for bringing up voter fraud and rigged elections. Here is a look back at past claims of ‘stolen’ and rigged elections by Democrats.

CIA GATEKEEPER? CNN’s Chris Cuomo calls American public ‘criminals’ for reading WikiLeaks Clinton email dump


Syria’s First Lady Slams Western Media Over Coverage Of Syrian Crisis

CBS just cut signal while someone started explaining that Hillary lied about the Foundation

Majority of US voters believe media biased against Trump: Poll

A majority of likely American voters believe mainstream media organizations are biased against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a new poll shows. According to the national Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday evening, 55 of likely voters said the media is biased against Trump, while 42 percent could not find any bias in the media against the real estate tycoon, POLITICO reported.

FINALLY! BUT UNTIL NOW.... YOU have been responsible for the American atrocities abroad in independent sovereign countries, and the millions of dead! Because you decided to listen to liars, and believe that “they are just conspiracy theories” only! Well now you finally found out, or are still finding out the hard way that indeed the conspiracies were true!

There is no democracy in America! The voting is rigged!
There is a shadow government that steers the puppets like Obama and Hillary to do their bidding!
There is no Free Press or Independent Media, or Objective media. They are owned by the establishment!There are no honest politicians. they are bought by the bankers and the corporations’ lobbyists!

How could you have been so dumb to let your God given freedoms be stolen away?
How could you have been so dumb to let your children die in useless wars killing other people’s children for the Banks and the corporations?How could you have been so dumb to tell you that there is no God, no Creation, No ghosts, No rhyme, no reason, no meaning to life, no point in suffering?
How could you have been so dumb to let them turn you into such selfish narcissistic freaks?
How could you have been so dumb to work for the CIA, NSA, State Department, IRS, and all other repressive agencies that suck empty your fellow men?
How could you have been so dumb to allow all the atrocities all over the world?

I don’t blame the media! I blame you! Jesus told us to watch and pray! he never told us to watch TV. You are your own worst enemy.

CNN anchors look uncomfortable as Trump signs are everywhere behind them!

THIS is What Happens When You Tell the Truth About Hillary on MSM


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