Was Polish Govt. Air Crash Russia’s 9-11 Cover Up? Smells like it, & RT Covers up too!

rt-polishgovtcoupcoverupMany cover-ups have taken place over the crash of the Polish government in Smolensk. Trees supposedly cut wings, fire was seen exiting from the back of the plane severing the tail. Explosives WERE found on the fuselage, bodies and parts were mixed up. The Polish government left the Russian investigation alone, hardly or not interfering or taking serious part. The list goes on of inconsistencies, causing many Poles to believe that the plane crash was in fact a Coup d’État against Polish nationalists by Globalist Marxists with complicity by the Russian govt of President Medvedev at the time and Putin.

According to the last documentary below – by National Geographic! — “there is no conspiracy!” also! It exonerates the replacing faux Polish govt. and Russia, except the mistakes made by the Polish pilot captain and a Smolensk air controller.

Question: Why would an American documentary be made about an embarrassing fishy crash in Russia and massacre of the entire conservative elite of Poland? The N.G. documentary decries “conspiracy theories” and very strong Polish suspicions that this was a bloody Coup d’ Etat by the Polish Left aided by the Russians!

Watch it and you will understand. The Polish narrator is obviously on the side of the cover-up deriding many Polish suspicions, just as the present Polish government saw no reason or proof for a mass assassination. After the crash former Polish prime minister Tusk, who replaced the killed elite, was promoted to EU leadership! Hmm…

The famous video shot right after at the crash site, which shows people being shot by shady individuals, was made by a local man who was later murdered! -which the Russians call a coincidence! (Sure!) This video was of course not used by National Geographic! They were obviously told to cover it up! For Russia? I thought Russia was the Enemy? Well that proves again that all this division between the West and Russia is staged as Hegelian tactics by the shadow world govt., merely fake hubris to demonise the US and ‘angelise’ Russia to entice the world population into the gates of Russia!

1.Digital Enhancement Of Amateur Plane Crash Site Footage (w / English Subtitles) In Smolensk ☠ shooting & killing survivors:

2.If you don’t have the time to watch this National Geographic Cover Up Video decrying “conspiracy theories”, watch the Independent Polish One rather, below this next Truthergirls video:

the Independent Polish Investigation: anatomy of fall – documentary about Smolensk crash investigation

The National geographic White wash Documentary: Air Crash Investigation S12E10 Death of the President 2010 Polish Air Force Tu 154 crash

Global Conclusions

If American videos exonerate a Russian Marxist cuop d’etat in Poland wiping out the government, what does that say about the theatre going on between the American and Russian governments? That it is all smoke and no fire! It is all staged.

The World Government is already in power and is just mopping up the last bastions of popular resistance by hook or by crook. And this shadow government is behind the Russian govt machinery as well as behind the Clinton-Bush-Obama puppets and the Americans State Department, and they work together!

Donald Tusk was the useful idiot who betrayed his own people for Globalism covering Russian perfidy, and was promoted to EU leader! Do Russia and the EU have a similar policy? It seems like  they have shared global interests and support the same criminals.

Is that the reason that RT (You know “Question More?” and “We have total freedom to question any topic without interference from the Russian state?”) – that RT and the Russian govt. do not REALLY expose 9-11 – at least not yet! – because they have a 9-11 of their own they don’t like to see exposed?

It looks like all around the world nationalist local or populist leaders who love their sovereign nations, are getting replaced, eliminated, upstaged, murdered, or dethroned by “popular” spring or colour revolutions, and it all leads to global hegemony of an international elite in the shadows! ONE RING THAT CONTROLS THEM ALL. It is not a theory anymore, but a logical conclusion IF you have your eyes open that the conspiracy is thick enough.

I do support the Russians in Syria, but I am afraid not for their REAL motivations, to reinstate some new version of global communitarianism as an upgrade of the old Soviet Union; Stalinism 2.0 with a smile. But be on guard. Even if it smiles, it does not mean their heart is with you and that they won’t snuff you out like the Polish government. The old “Russian” elite just has a new popular outfit to get you off guard, but the same steely heart as before. Probably worse!

Sorry Polish people! It is another Katyn massacre, the Smolensk massacre, and according to the Holy Scriptures only more massacres of God’s children are to follow and to come. Lets brace our selves and pray that we will stand strong. It hurts only for a little while and then we will be freed from the shackles of the flesh and of this evil world.

Jesus come soon!

Polish Air Crash in Smolensk, Russia
SEE: http://smolenskcrashnews.com/
2016-10-22 17:50:47

On the 10th of April 2010, the Polish military plane, Tu-154, was involved in a fatal crash in the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all the crew and passengers aboard. The deaths included the Polish President and First Lady, the last Polish President in exile, the Chief of the General Staff, Commanders-in-Chief, the Chairman of the Polish National Bank, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, as well as a number of MP’s, senators and prominent figures of the Polish elite, among the 96 dead.

  • April 10, 2010 Polish Air Crash

This incident, which includes these prominent deaths, naturally calls for a complete and transparent investigation – the natural work of international aviation agencies with extensive experience is just such investigations.

Yet, on the day of the crash, the Polish government decided to leave the investigation solely in Russian hands, without securing the rights to appeal to international organizations, aviation organizations, and relinquishing the right of an inspection, or any efficient supervision over examination procedures.

Specifically, the Polish government refused to consider any help from NATO, and did not attempt to gather any support from other European Union countries. As a result, all the evidence gathered has been left on Russian soil, including confidential military and security codes belonging to NATO’s armies, “black boxes”, and other flight recording devices containing all flight parameters.

None of this evidence, as well as any debris of the wreckage, has ever been returned to Poland.

This evidence has been held hostage in Russia for 2387 days. Read more here

FM Waszczykowski: Evidence shows how Poland’s interests have been compromised since 2008.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs works to recover previously deleted emails from the Ministry’ phone system, which could explain events surrounding the Smolensk crash and its investigation during the PO-PSL (Civic Platform and Polish People’s Party) coalition. More Here

The Court is considering deposing 
Tusk and Sikorski about the Smolensk Crash

The Court is considering deposing Tusk and Sikorski about the Smolensk Crash

Having avoided the court for a considerable period of time, Tomasz Arabski, the head of Chancellery in the Prime Minister Tusk’s office, finally appeared in court. He is charged with negligence during the organization of the tragic flight to Smolensk on April 10, 2010. Stefan Hambura, attorney for some of the victims’ families, has made a request that Donald Tusk and Radosław Sikorski also appear in court to testify about the Smolensk crash. More Here

A Brief History of Explosives on the Wreckage of the Polish President's plane.

A Brief History of Explosives on the Wreckage

After the crash in Smolensk in April 10 2010 several experts pointed out massive destruction of the structure of the airplane. Supposedly, Tu-154M hit the muddy ground with relatively low velocity and under shallow angle. Polish official report confirms “this type of crash is classified as a low energy low angle impact”. Moreover, “the swampy ground and shrubbery suppressed energy of the impact”. [1] There was neither fireball nor explosion of the fuel. So, what caused such a massive destruction and instant death of all passengers? More Here

Polish Secret Services and the Smolensk Crash

Polish Secret Services and the Smolensk Crash

On May 12, 2016, the new Polish government presented a report on the state of the country in the Polish Parliament. This day-long presentation given by key ministers from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Szydlo focused mainly on the general audit of the ministries operations under the previous government. Information with respect to the Smolensk crash of April 10, 2010, in Russia, was presented, among others, by the current head of the secret services Mariusz Kaminski. More Here

Mystery of the Polish Tu-154M black boxes - Part 2.

Mystery of the Black Boxes – Part 2

How many different versions can be obtained from one of cockpit voice recorder tape? The answer is: many. In the case of Smolensk crash as it stands we have 8 different versions of recordings from the cockpit voice recorder (CVR). Those versions differ in terms of content and length of the recording even up to few minutes.

More Here

"Why Poland and the EU will no longer follow America’s lead," - Says former high-ranking CIA Official, S. Eugene Poteat.

“Why Poland and the EU will no longer follow America’s lead,” – Says former high-ranking CIA Official

The American media, as well as that of the European Union, are awash in articles critical of the election of Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PIS) and the new Polish government formed after that landslide victory, calling the new leaders “right-wing” radicals and dictators that crossed the line with their “disturbing tilt” to the right. In 2015, the PIS won both presidential and parliamentary elections and, for the first time since the Second World War, removed entrenched pro-communist, pro-Russian stooges from power in Poland. More Here

General Andrzej Blasik, Polish Air Force Commander

“Barbarity is the word to describe this situation…” says Father Kiedrowicz referring to the Smolensk crash.

The funeral of tragically deceased General Andrzej Błasik (left in the photo) will take place on Jasna Góra. His ashes will be buried at the National Remembrance Temple. Błasik’s remains were found at the site of the Smolensk crash by participants of the Katyn Rally. More Here

Mystery of the Black Boxes

Mystery of the Black Boxes

Inconsistencies in the length of the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) recordings raise the question whether flight parameters could have been manipulated. Original FDR black box and KBN-1-1 recorders are still in Russia and never were subject of any independent analysis to rule this possibility out.

More Here

Who covered up swapping of the Smolensk victims’ bodies?

Who covered up swapping of the Smolensk victims’ bodies?

“Gazeta Polska” established that already five months after the crash of the Tu154M in Smolensk, Russia, Polish Prime Minister at that time – Donald Tusk – received information from Russia that in the coffin of former President of Poland in Exile Mr. Ryszard Kaczorowski another person’s body was placed. More Here

Did MP Leszek Deptuła survive the Smolensk crash?

Did MP Leszek Deptuła survive the Smolensk crash?

Joanna Krasowska-Deptuła, the widow of MP Leszek Deptuła of PSL who died in the Smolensk disaster on April 10, 2010, testified that her husband called her at the time of the crash. The woman did not answer the phone, and a message was left on her voice mail. This information was provided several hours after the Smolensk crash by the weekly “Wprost.” More Here

A new team of prosecutors for Smolensk investigation.

A new team of prosecutors for Smolensk investigation

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced that he is about to appoint a team of prosecutors to investigate the case of the Smolensk disaster. The team will be chaired by Deputy Attorney General Mark Pasionek, and will consist of experienced prosecutors from around the country – he said. More Here

Polish TU-154M black box wandered from Russia to Poland back and forth.

What happened to the Polish black box from Tu-154M that crashed in Smolensk?

The Polish black box of Tu-154 wandered from Russia to Poland back and forth. It turns out that what we got the first time around was not a black box from the Polish aircraft. The Russians brought to Poland for testing something else. This fact has just been revealed at the hearing of the Commission for National Defense by Minister of Defense Antoni Macierewicz. More Here


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