Thailand’s strength: A good King! A united nation! Tough one to crack for US State Department

THIS is the Sustaining Power ONLY a UNITED People can Produce! GOD BLESS THE UNITED THAI PEOPLE!!!

The Thais are singing the King’s royal hymn TOGETHER! These masses of people were not forced to do that. They chose to mourn and honour their late King. This is how this nation has resisted for millennia, and can continue to resist her foreign enemies: Marxists, Nazis, Corporations, American imperialism, US State Department, CFR stooges, Bilderberger traitors, infiltrated academia, selfish rich merchants selling out the country, infiltrated subverted Red farmers, undercover Globalists, Corporative elements under the skin, New World Order operatives, Globalists, Soros, Robber Barons, Youtube anti Thai terrorists, antagonistic Western media! Etc.

Sure! Thailand is not a perfect nation, but which nations are. There are many many forces that are trying to tear Thailand down, and so far they have not succeeded. Under the pretense of democracy – as if that is the highest good a nation can produce? – many forces have denounced Thailand. Let me ask you; Is the USA a real democracy? Without rigged voting machines, without Soros’ billions influencing Hillary Clinton and BLM, and buying up senators and congressmenvia blackmail and pedophilia?

How about Britain? A nation subverted by pedophilia steered blackmail and subversion, even inside the BBC! Is the UK a democracy? False flag attacks, illegal wars against Iraq, murders of Kelly and Cook who were against the war. A bloodstained war criminal Blair is still free, although he should be charged with war crimes before the Court in the Hague?

How about France? Is it a democracy with freedom of expression? Last I looked it was a police state in “a state of emergency”, short of martial law! And you want to blame Thailand for having a “junta?” Ha! And how did France get there? With false flag terror attacks against its own people: A truck that wasn’t stopped by the police. A theater that had police outside for hours who refused to go in to save hostages, a fake attack on a policeman with an AK 47 that should have painted the sidewalk red and scattered his brain in all directions. Terror hoaxes, so we are forced to sympathise with cartoon terrorists who offend every one with ethics and morals? Je suis Charlie? Oh No! Je suis Jesus!

So if any “superior” nation has any complaints against Thailand, let them first clean up the blood from their own backyards, for democracy is hard to find anywhere. But if I had any choice to live somewhere besides Taiwan where you can walk the streets all night long without getting attacked, and where there still is religious freedom, and human rights, and no political correctness, or Marxists shouting you down, then it would be Thailand, where you can FEEL the freedom in the air, where the people are happy, can make their own income, own cars, scooters, without too much stifling government regulation and red tape. One thing you cannot criticise the King. That IS against the law! Why? Because if there was no law against it, all the afore mentioned subversive powers would deceive the people against their single unique unifying force; The royal family of a good righteous king. Note: i didn’t say perfect king. And without that unifying force, Thailand would be as bad off as Germany and Sweden and Holland and the UK, and infiltrated America.

9618e-mourningthailandSo what do you prefer? A so-called “democracy” like Germany, subverted by bloodthirsty Marxists ruling the roost against their own people via Soros paid immigrants? Or a so-called “authoritarian” democracy with peace and many freedoms, and A God given unity to fend off the American State Departments’ colour and spring revolutions?

I’ll take THAILAND! May God bless Thailand! May God bless the new King’s efforts to be a good man, inspite of his reputation. may the Thai people give him a generous chance to do the right thing, and keep the royal institution intact generating the unity any nation needs! May the red academics shut the f.. up, and mind their education only, instead of Andrew G. Marshall and the ANU Australian University and the Low(y) Institute.

Things will continue to be fine, as long as the Thai people continue to be kind, loving, sharing, polite, meek, merciful, hospitable, fighting corruption, and all the other good qualities. Why? because God blesses a righteous nation. That is why the USA is obviously not, because how can God bless warmongers, whereas His Son told us, “Blessed are the peacemakers! For THEY shall be called the Children of God!”

What are you? A peacemaker? Or a damned warmonger? Thailand has not had wars against other nations for a long time. Can you say that about your nation?

And US State Department devils… LEAVE THAILAND ALONE! Get your grubby hands of off her!

Love & Peace




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