Goodbye America! It was interesting to know you. If you believe… may God be with you…til the bitter end!

End-Times-Ruins-Apocalypse-Public-Domain-460x368It is almost over. The White House will become the Witch House. It actually already is. Democracy – if there ever was any — is out the window. Vote flipping machines, from some rich Jewish tycoon who hates you all, who hated the little culture you collected in those 200 years, and of course hated your religion, or rather your faith, and its Creator, with a vengeance!

They all did! All the “comedians”. They hated it! Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Jon “Steward” (ha), etc. The pundits, too many to name them all, they hated it. The film makers who seduced you from the twenties until now. They first gave you Biblical movies to make you trust them, and then they began to slowly feed you their poison.

The musicians actually came out of Gospel churches, but were told to sing a different song. And they did, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, and Buddy Holly, and then.. the music died. That was the beginning of the end.

Slowly you were surrounded, and you all forgot to “circle the wagons”, because your faith given defense was down. You were already brainwashed! Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Dick van Dyke all got the scripts assigned and they swallowed it and regurgitated it to you, and you all laughed. You laughed so hard you didn’t notice the sun was sinking lower and lower.

Then on a clear blue sky sunny day, they killed the legal president, the last democratically elected one. From then on the sinister devils took over the reigns, but you didn’t even notice. You felt something was awry, but you were already lulled to sleep mentally that you didn’t raise the alarm and ring the church bells for the coming storm. You didn’t batten down the hatches, you didn’t call the militia as you were supposed to. THAT and THEN was your last chance. You gave it all up so easy. Easy like water!

From then on it was a doozy. They took over the media completely, infiltrated the State Department to control the rest of the globe, and after the two World Wars that got you completely into debt, never to get out of, they got you into Vietnam, and war, after war, after war, after coup, after take over, after subversion, one after the other. And all of you, didn’t say nothing against it.You had become like the three monkeys, blind, deaf, and dumb.

Your conscience was already so seared by illegality and lawlessness, as well as discouragement and despair, as your own children were murdered in your womb, and your children were hijacked by the godless media, and the education demons, while your sons were incarcerated for drugs that they imported and sold from Columbia and Afghanistan, which they now fully control.

It was a Hell of a ride no? Now it is time to pay the fiddler. What your bankers did to Russia after 1917, and to Germany after WWI and WWII, is now creeping closer to you. It seems like Karma, we all reap what we sow, eventually. It may take a hundred years, but you can bet your boots that what comes around comes around.

Oh they will too! Reap what they sowed. Big time! Probably after massacring many of you in FEMA camps, in the civil conflicts, during martial law, then both of you will get what is coming to you. You will and they will too! Perhaps a little bit more for them, as they killed so many of you. It is sad. Very sad.

But it was sad for the Germans too! And you didn’t seem to care to massively kill your fellow believers there. Why! I tell you why. Because you believed your deceivers, your media, your mental leaders, your propagandists, your pied pipers. And you didn’t want to wake up.

NOW some of you are beginning to wake up. Because the writing is on the wall suddenly. You start to see through the media game, how they took you for a ride, and such a long ride at that. You begin to realise that the voting machines are bought by them and are rigged – which they deny of course – and frankly it is too late to do something about it. Less than two weeks, you aren’t going to get your boots on to stop them from taking over. Once she is in, that’s it. Sour grapes.

The Witch House will start to clamp down completely. And the economic rug of the petro-dollar will be pulled from under you, and the war will start. Your millennials will become cannon fodder on the deserts of the Near East, and you will go out in a fantastic blaze.

The only thing that could stop the slide for a little while, is some coup d’état from within, but the ones that would pull it off, won’t be nice either, and will bring you under their wheel! The right-wing reactionary wheel is not much different from the left-wing reactionary wheel. They are two sides of the same coin. Wicked people with a wicked agenda, even if masked in religion.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say goodbye, before the curtain falls, because you might not get this message after a short while. the witch will bear down on you, because she hates you, she is just a useful dupe of the Satanic forces, a glove over the evil hand of the shadow government.

When you will suffer, I just hope that you have Him and some faith to weather the storm, to somewhat comfort your hearts, and remember sudden death sudden glory. It only hurts a little while and you will be free. My sweet family of faith he will be with you in your dire straits. We will pray for you, that it will be as easy as He can make it. It won’t be pretty though. Brace your selves.

He said, don’t answer evil with evil, but pray that He may get through to some of them that will oppress you. Besides, the way this world is going, the rest of us, in the rest of the suffering world, will go through some similar things shortly as well, and we will all be gathered and raised at the last Trump in the twinkling of an eye.

Farewell America. It sure was interesting, a Hell of a ride.

See you in the Fall Up!

Love, Peace  & Comfort

Lu & the Paradise Post

So Bye Bye Miss American Pie


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25 08:00

Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes


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