They knew Japan would attack Pearl Harbor & sacrificed thousands of Americans as they did in 9-11. What for? Another Bankers’ War!

Just as in 1943 they sacrificed thousands of American soldiers and ships and planes, for an excuse to enter WWII — as they sacrificed 3000 lives in the WTC 9-11 attacks they foreknew and probably organised themselves — thy did (Benghazi) and will do it again to get us all into a NEW Bankers’ War WWIII, and sacrifice millions of men, women, and children. WHy? To get their One World Government under their god Satan. And if you go along with these plans, YOU are serving Satan and risk Hell for ever. As Jesus said, “What shall a man give in exchange for his (lost) soul?” Your money? Or your BMW? Think hard and repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand, at the doors, coming soon, with the return of Jesus Christ. Why risk your soul, you poor useful dupes!

The hypocrites even built a memorial over the Arizona sunken ship to “commemorate the killed soldiers” bla bla bla.

This Youtube channel is devoted to exposing the NWO involvement with Japan and is full of interesting historical resources connected to this topic.


PART 2 HOW FORGIVENESS IS STRONGER THAN STEEL. Did we learn? No! We are about to start another Bankers driven World War. America and Europe are amassing armies at the Russian border, as if there were no world wars ever fought. Will we ever learn? Not until the Prince of Peace returns to this war stricken world. He is coming soon. Then a new world will arise where “they will learn war no more.”

How it all began. 1937 The TongZhou Incident, July 29, 1937, Marco Polo Bridge incident, Tongzhou incident, and Oyama incident in Shanghai, were the trigger of full-scale War. It seemed to be a well-planned strategy.

Strange Beginning of War in the Pacific – the Attack on Pearl Harbor – FDR government? Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Japanese Navy? Remember that the Japanese were financed and armed by the bankers via the Vickers industries.

Later Hawaii Governor: ” FBI had known of the Pearl Harbor attack in advance” – John A. Burns’ Tape



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