Will Trump Save America Like Putin (presumably!) saved Russia?

MUST WATCH this video! It gives some good true points. I am just not so sure whether Putin was just a a great maverick, or whether the world’s real shadow government condoned what he did and let him. I tend to think the latter.

I agree with most of the worries of the video producer, but we are not really clear who held a protective hand above Putin to get away with such brinkmanship as he performed to stop the oligarchs, the nazis, the media, the 5th column, and the American Neocons. Trump will have a much harder time, plus the fact that he will not be able to stop the Dollar from dying and reverse the debt crisis, unless he sendds the country in default, which I don’t see him do. America is too subverted, just think about the by Soros & Clinton & Comedy Central subverted youth! They will not take a curbing of lawlessness lying doen. They are infected by hedonism that would have sent Rome and Greece and Babylon and China all together to their graves! You lost the young to morals, values and righteousness, you lost the future! And that is what has happened. And then the Media. America is run by the Media owned by the bankers who run the Fed. Nothing short of repressive dictatorship could possibly reverse any of that. And re-education of globalist thinking. And i don’t think it is possible. Besides, Trump is vulnerable. A hired pilot in a plane could drop a bomb on the White House, or poison in his soup.
No! America has lost its righteousness and there is no remedy. Perhaps Trump could slow things down, but if the Bankers want to speed things up, they can let Israel do anything to send some false flag to throw the country into a tail spin and blame it on Trump, Russia, or Iran, or all of them together. Sorry America! You have gone too far and have not corrected things on time. Most of all your nemesis is your so-called friend, “Israel”, who will draw the noose around your neck. Your idol will be your stumbling stone, unlike what Jesus Christ was to Israel. May God be with you as many will be exterminated as the Russians were ever since 1917. God have mercy.


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