Comey Caved After FBI & Wife Ostracised Him! Obama & Lynch Furious. May They Face Justice IF Trump Wins!

CNNFBI Director James Comey went against the Wishes of Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice when he notified congress of new email evidence and the reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation – Is Comey trying to save his skin? Obama and Lynch should be worried about theirs. They could and should be charged – along with Killary! – for TREASON! May it come true! And for a lot of others as well! MAY THE SWAMP BE DRAINED FOR SURE!!! ONLY if Americans deserve it and repent from their whore-mongering and war-mongering!

God bless Hopkins! She calls CNN the Clinton News Network, anchor loses it. Spade a spade! Pathetic CNN Presstitute! Truth haters! New World Order scum!

Huckabee Slams Trump Hater Megyn Kelly! She Can Barely Speak! Huckabee Shut Her Down Like Donald Trump Jr. Did! Well, I am really getting riled up with all this fantasy election stuff allowed by the shadow government. It is not gonna get better folks! It is slowly getting more and more corrupt, walzing to the One World 666 Tyranny, and you better get your Gospel boots on, for it is marching time.


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