If DOJ does not arrest DNC & stop Hilary from running, it must apologise to Nixon for Watergate. The US lost Law & Order!

UNLESS the DOJ arrests DNC & Hillary, the USA is a law-less oligarchy of rich gangsters who get away with anything! They are worse than Al Capone and Meyer Lanski! The USA is a failed state, a banana republic led by the bankers. And Americans? Impotent slavish handicapped sheep that are fearful to form a legal militia to set things right, and the corrupted Evilgelical clergy are corrupted servants of the politicians and government, who didn’t even squeal or protest when kent Hovind was thrown in jail NINE YEARS for nothing! He has proven that the IRS and DOJ acted illegally in arresting him. Where were the Evilgelicals? Nowhere to be seen! You dug a hole and fall into it yourselves. Dumb dogs that cannot bark, and television windbag evangelist preachers with artificial teeth! You persecuted the prophets and supported your Zionist government and “Israel.” What a horrendous joke! They will bury you.


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