Now That Trump is IN… You’ll see the following happening!

USA, I don’t know whether to congratulate or condole you?
But now that Trump is in govt. business, IF he REALLY was for real, you’ll see the following happening:

  • Infowars is taking a holiday, Jones gets license for a new cable TV Media empire
  • Webster changes “Conspiracy Theory” back into “Conspiracy”
  • Kissinger seeks urgent meeting with Donald Trump
  • FBI rank & file is typing out arrest warrants for Loretta Lynch and Comey, while..
  • Comey is packing his bags for Canada, where Hillary already set up her first aid tent next to her ambulance
  • And Loretta and Bill meet again on the tarmac to fly out of the country.. to Mexico?
  • Obama tries changing his nationality back to Kenyan as Barry Soetoro & sends asylum request to Jakarta
  • ALL security services refused to protect him, he buys assault guns being wide open for attack
  • All the Bushes flew for vacation to Ecuador, where they were expelled on order of foreign minister Julian Assange
  • The swamp in Washington suddenly began to drain all by itself
  • Hundreds thousands of rats seen jumping from Capitol Hill & leaving Washington
  • Lobbyists are getting top lawyers and move to Arizona
  • McCain applied for a job with either North Vietnam or Isis as roving ambassador
  • All banks are cleaning their books
  • Some Corporations are making plans to move back to the US, but not many, as
  • The FED is having an emergency meeting to discuss Trump’s assassination
  • The FED is trying to get cheap tungsten gold bars to replenish empty Fort Knox
  • Mrs. Yellen is looking for a replacement as she resigned for health reasons to Israel
  • Putin cancels all military exercises planned after inauguration day.
  • But Putin is making sure ISIS bombings resume so..
  • Assad can reach Raqqa before the CIA, Israeli YPG do
  • Assad named Aleppo Trumpo. Gary Johnson asked who is Trumpo?
  • Hillary is probably dying of Alzheimers and planning to set up shop in Tel Aviv
  • The Mossad finishes its last touches on a new nuclear 9-11 in America
  • Bankers began to speed up the Intl. Crash so they can stump Trump with chaos
  • P.C. “progressives, Marxists, BLM, are running wild tearing the country to pieces
  • National Guard comes out to protect the nation. Martial Law?
  • George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is seen burning stacks of files except emails
  • Nigel Farage steps up his 100.000 march to a ONE MILLION March
  • The EU just got swamped with new EXIT referendum announcements
  • The Globalists just planned a new interim Bilderberg Meeting
  • Bohemian Grove is canceled this year
  • CNN went bankrupt, got stormed by White Supremacists, is in flames
  • Wolf Blitzer escapes to Israel with Victoria Nuland
  • The State Department chimney emits heavy paper burning smoke
  • The Pope is formulating a Mea Culpa Trumpo apology
  • CBS, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, LA Times thinking of changing their names!
  • All Marxist community organisers jumped the Canadian border
  • Trump issued a new currency the Trump-back Dollar without the Federal Reserve
  • Trump defaulted on all US debt and the rest of the world declared war on the USA
  • All foreign mainstream media began calling Donald Trump: Tritler, Trumpler, and Humpler,
  • And most media enslaved people in foreign countries began to believe them
  • Trump left NATO before inaugurated
  • NATO is pulling back troops from Russia and moving them to Mexico, Canada and Cuba
  • Mexico began building Trump’s Wall for free! as a kind gesture
  • Illegal Mexicans are seen climbing back over the wall going home
  • ISIS plants so confused they blow themselves up in refugee camps!
  • Churches full on Sunday to give thanks, & then went home to watch TV, football & eat hamburgers
  • US soldiers tired of being abroad began flying home spontaneously as foreign bases crumble
  • US mercenaries joined ISIS because they pay best now
  • to be contiinued

All stupid jokes aside -although some of them true – listen to this true analysis of Mark Dice, our brother in Christ, I just found out. Wow! The children of God are coming out of the woodwork

I might add, that the New World Order might now soon unleash a huge nuclear false flag attack on America to get them into war anyway, and crash the economic rug from under them and from under the rest of the world as a result, and then they are going to do their dastardly “culling of the herd”, as they call it.

In such a global disaster, people will go wild, and act as buffaloes, running wildly in the direction the elite herders are trying to get them to go. THAT’s the danger!
I like what Mark Dice kind of touched on, about the lost American Millennials, that we need to reach out to them, to educate them, to encourage them, to get them back to real values after having been INTELLECTUALLY AND SPIRITUALLY raped by the Marxists for so long.

We need to reach out a helping hand! But how?! I tell you, they are some of the toughest people to reach out to. I do street ministry here in Taipei, and American millennials are some of the most arrogant, proud, self conceited, foul mouthed, cursing, haughty, self-centered, whiny, spoiled young people you will ever meet. Europeans are still OK. Taiwanese are sweet and polite and meek, but Americans? Man, what a lost generation and so deceived by the Media and Hollywood, and they don’t even know it nor realise it.



And to tell them about Jesus? Very difficult! They are so biased and brainwashed against “religion” that they don’t even realise that thousands of years Man and its famed philosophers have all thought, written, mused, and discussed metaphysical subjects without ad hoc rejection and immediate prejudice as American young people’s automatic reaction instilled by the AlInsky crowd and their infiltrated “education” departments! They are a spiritual wasteland!

I understand that they don’t like organised religion, I don’t go for it either, but they just don’t see how Jesus Himself got murdered by established religion HIMSELF! Don’t they see how he railed against the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Scribes and the Lawyers and the Herodians (the politicals) etc., and that Jesus hung around with the sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, drunks, gays, harlots, zealots, law breakers, “deplorables”, etc? Are they so dumbed down? They don’t even know HIS STORY! Nobody has told them, in their Marxist common core “educational” facilities. They are indeed a spiritual desert! SO they do NEED HELP!

And American Christians – most of them Churchians – aren’t a great help either! Not in the churches, nor outside, not as You-tube preachers, nor as YouTube commenters. American Christians are some of the most judgmental, critical, quick commenting & condemning, merciless, legalistic, self-righteous, violent, “Christians” this world has ever seen!

One example is how so many of them ganged up on Kent Hovind, of all people, for marrying a new wife! They cursed him for breaking the law, rebuked him as an elder, ex-communicated him for “adultery”, totally forgetting that his wife left him, and that he was free to marry a new one.

The reason people get like that, is, because they haven’t learned what it means, “I will have MERCY, and not SACRIFICE!” AS JESUS TOLD THE PHARISEES. They don’t realise that we are ALL sinners. Especially they! We are merely SAVED sinners, and Jesus didn’t come to cal the so-called “righteous” but sinners! And he was a friend of sinners! And no one is justified by keeping the law, or even the Pauline laws. For if we sought justification by the Pauline laws.. then women should shut up in church, and cover their hair, and all the other stuff. He that seeks to be justified by the LAW has already fallen from GRACE!!!

They sing so much about grace, amazing grace, but they don’t even seem to know much about His grace, and His forgiveness, and that we are not trying to perfect ourselves by the LAW, but by LOVE! As Jesus said about Mary Magdalene , “To whom much has been forgiven, the same loves much!” Well, I guess the American Christians are not forgiven for very much, because they don’t love very much at all.They don’t love the Iraqis, the Palestinians, the Syrians! They support the troops! And THAT is what is wrong with Americans! Their inability for empathy! A sure sign that either most of them do not have or grieve the Holy spirit of God that He doesn’t give them empathy!

And so I can partly understand the poor lost dispersed American Millennials, because the US Churchians are such lousy lovers! But then again.. such self-righteous religionists have always been around for thousands of years, so come on, grow up and deal with it. Jesus is still the lover, the forgiver, the understander, the meek and lowly One in heart, the non-judgmental great Lover of Mankind.



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