Ron Paul: Nothing Will Change! Still Deficit, Big Govt, No Liberty, Intellectual poverty

Ron Paul is mostly right, except he looks at it intellectually, philosophically and economically, but not spiritually. Americans – especially the young! – is still sliding to the dark side. Look at Clinton using Beyonce, Jay-Z., and “lady” Caca! Brainwashed Millennial P.C. buffaloes thundering toward the abyss.

No more war? Ahh, don’t deceive your selves! Trump supports Israel, so he is against all its Middle East enemies, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, etc. So more military industrial complex spending. Will he cut down government? Not likely.

Will he solve the debt crisis of the petro dollar? Nah! Spending more debt on more wars for the bankers & weapon producers, until they pull off a false nuclear flag in America. The Dollar will explode like an overstretched balloon, disappear, causing a worldwide economic crash & crisis, and in order to pull out of it, “even” Trump will start WW3 to silence Iran for Israel. Must Watch.

So don’t set your hopes up on government. Trust in God, because the world will turn more and more against HIM and us as a result, and we better glean as many souls from the cauldron as we can while we’re at it, because the days are getting bleaker.

devilsowstares weedchokingwheat wheatparable

“Lord shall we pulll out the weeds from between the wheat?”
“No. Leave them alone until the harvest, otherwise you may pull out the good ones with the bad ones.”

So shall it be in the end the angels will separate the evil from the just, and gather them into bunches – their evil digital dictator cities – and burn them in the fire, while he will gather the wheat into his heavenly garners by his second coming.

So THAT is the real analysis. And don’t expect the World to applaud that conclusion, but rather to turn on you even more blaming you for being the most dangerous cult of all time: Christians! THAT is our future. In the mean time pray for peace as long as possible and grab the last wheat stalks out of the spreading fire.



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