As long as we have no elections for the Media will the Rich continue to take over?

hillaryriggedelectionYou can vote what you want — Well that remains to be seen. Bear with me! — but if we don’t get to vote for who controls the Media — our real government! — we will never be able to get a fair and free world! What does that mean?

We have “democracy” in government – so to speak – but as long as we don’t get to vote who control the media, the rich who owns them will still be able to control the minds and opinions of our less knowledgeable brethren, those among us who are unable to think independently. Now there I opened a can of worms! As if many intellectuals are able!

Sure! Well that stresses the very point. Many so-called intellectuals are ALSO not able to think independently for themselves. Like all those smarmy smart people who drink in the New Yerk times as if it was Gospel! That doesn’t mean that people who read the New Jerk Times are not independent thinkers. There are, but they are independently convinced that they should be control freaks like the New Jerk Times and rule the country with their money, and so they love the NYT bias very much!

See, the rich have always been in a position to control the narrative from Ancient Egypt until Modern America. And they have always used the filthy lucre they so wickedly collected (read stole) from the hard workers, to use to buy the opinions and news channels to influence and justify their thefts and control.

So how would a media election go? By media party? And would it be an American two party system? Like the New York times party and the Fox party, or something? Well,in America it would probably go like that a little, but in the rest of the world?puppet_master

Of course in Saudi Arabia there is a one party system and there would be one media empire with different outlets, like the Wahhabi Times and the Shariah Post, and the anti-woman magazine! But that would be a bad example of course.

In Germany you would have the Stern party, the Frankfurter party, the Springer party, the ZDF party, and they would all be led by Marxists who would control the elections via their propaganda. Much as like today!

But can you imagine people running for chief editor? On what kind of platform would they run. The Los Angeles Times would put forth a Jew of course, as they have boldly written and told us that all media are controlled by Jews, and they were not afraid to say so. So the L.A.Times would of course be a Jewish Media party. But what about the others? Like Fox?

The Fox party would be led by Rupert Murdoch of course, because he is the owner. But you wonder in a free and fair election how many votes would he get? Of course if he delegated the leadership to that blond girl, they would get more votes. So, it does a seem a bit difficult to have free and fair elections.

But the point is made though. Do the Media actually decide what people more or less believe, and thus how they will vote?. Look at the Millennials in all US coastal lands that are now protesting against Trump as president. What newspapers did they read? What internet media did they follow? Or was it more decided by how many of their highschool teachers and college professors were hidden Marxists or “liberal” teachers who just went along for the pay?

Most Millennials seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome. they were captivated by Marxist Bernie Sanders and fell in love with their captor. Sad to say their rile model got jilted by the stronger Marxist democrat Hillary, but that still didn’t faze them enough, as they still burn cars for Hillary and demonstrate against Trump! It makes my head spin.

HollandePuppetWhat is it about the mainstream media that they ALL seem to favour the establishment: the weapon producers, the banksters, the financiers, the Goldman Sachs people, the Rothschilds, and undercover Marxism to cull the American population herd down to under 50 million? How can their monopoly over the minds of the intellectually and philosophically challenged be challenged or curtailed? it seems almost impossible.

I mean I write pretty “smart” blog articles that make a lot of sense to some people like myself, but somehow the philosophically and religiously challenged seem to prefer the Daily Beast or the Huffington Post or the Berkeley Times? I can’t seem to reach people like that, because their mindset has totally gone South.

MassDeceptionSo I guess Media elections are about as bad as presidential elections. Except for a total freak event, they also go the wrong way, like “Attack Iraq!” or “There are Weapons of Mass Destructions” and “You Should receive 35 vaccination injections before you are one year old and it won’t give you autism” and “GMO foods are very good for you!”And they just believe all that stuff as if it is Gospel! I can’t figure it out.

and so I have decided that it must be a natural thing because of the natural man that goes along the natural way, the Broadway way! That is what Jesus concluded long ago that the majority is always going the wrong way. “Wide is the gate, and broad the way that leads to destruction and MANY go that route.” Also the opposite of course: “Small is the gate and narrow the path that leads to Eternal Life and there are few that will find it.”narrow-gate-cartoon

And so it must be a soul matter, a matter of soul quality, or something. It couldn’t be predestination that makes people believe CNN? I’m sure they must have a choice in the matter. perhaps God just knows forever who the ones are that believe CNN, even after the truth comes out, as it did recently. Because to be honest there were times that I watched CNN – before the internet set in — and I thought it was pretty good information too! So maybe there is hope for the “liberals” too that they may wake up one day, that CNN covers up 9-11 as an inside job, and JFK-s true murderers, and the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, and the Sandy Hook staged false mass murder, and the false Boston Bombing, etc.

And now that I mentioned those things in this my rant, I lost at least half of my readers, which shows that opinions are not formed by elections but seem to be steered by a desire for truth or a lack of it. Which also reminds me of what Jesus said to Pilate the governor, when he said, “who are you? Are you a King?” And He answered “Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice!” And then Pilate gave the infamous answer, “What is truth!?” and turned away to tell the Jews, “I find no fault in the man!”

So blargeI guess it is a matter if people like truth or if they prefer a lie. it must be a matter of soul quality, after all. If they don’t mind lies they will stick to the mainstream media, as again Jesus said, “He that hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled!” and “he that seeks will find” So what do you prefer? The convenient lies or the inconvenient truth? It may indicate what quality your soul is made of.



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