Syrians return home! THANK you “Israel”, US, UK, Saudi, Qatar, & Takfiris

Syrian civilians back to their Homes in 1070 South Aleppo. Just for a moment imagine that this was YOUR house and home, and deeply ponder how you would feel. All the glass and many windows gone, or the home burned out by a shell or rocket, your water and gas may not work anymore, even if you had the luxury that you had your kitchen or sink left.

And so can you imagine what these people feel toward the US who acted upon the Ode Ynon plan to balkanise the Middle East via Daesh or ISIS, or worse the US supported Syrian rebels? Thank you “Israel”, thank you Obama – the peace president, thank you Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, and NATO, thank you Wahhabis for financing the FSA and Jabhat Al Nusra, and thank you Hillary and Soros for financing ISIS! You destroyed our lives! And then can you imagine that all these intellectually challenged American ‘Christian’ Zionists believe that Israel are still the chosen people? They are totally incapable of EMPATHY and have seared their hardened consciences for a false Scofield Bible doctrine and Zionist heresy! They think that they are the chosen people, whereas Jesus told them the Kingdom of God shall be taken away from you and given to a nation bearing the FRUITS there of. And that is certainly NOT THAT nation who bears the fruits of murders, massacres, destruction, and wars! Those are NOT the fruit of the Spirit! And therefore they are NOT the chosen people! And THAT is what is wrong with American (and many UK) Christians. They have shut up their hearts to the voice of truth and even reason. But they will be held accountable for the blow back when they will reap what they have sowed!


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