OMG! Failed Judas Media were not invited for Trump’s family dinner, whining, “A lack of transparency!” Boo Hoo!

mediafrowndiceWhy in the 7th Heaven are Americans still watching these muppets and buffoons pretending to care about Trump’s safety and about transparency for Crying Out Loud!” They weren’t very much concerned about transparency concerning Killary and her emails, as they hardly reported on them. Nor when she was sick and crying at home and too crippled to run let alone ACT AS PRESIDENT of the USA! Hypocritical cry babies, as they trained an entire generation of Millennials to become.

I think it would be a good idea to put the mainstream media into a SAFE FREE SPEECH ZONE, somewhere in the boonies of Africa, or near the docks, or out in a national park, and cut of their cable access to TV appliances around the world. Even here in Taiwan CNN is still part and parcel of the cable networks on so-called news. MUST WATCH – MARK DICE!

media_propaganda_by_trosiousLet’s just not watch them anymore folks! They can only do their damage when you trun them on, watch them, and God forbid BELIEVE them! What is wrong with Americans? (And many Europeans) They are like trained Pavlovian dogs that ring a bell to get supper. Dumbed-down TV slaves, spiritually impoverished zombies that still have a TV.

Do like we do. Don’t even receive cable into your homes, and just use your computer to scan the alternative news sites that are all around and tell you the real truth that your country is about to be sunk in the greatest economic crash of history, and the rest of the world as a result.  ALL because you half thinkers didn’t turn of your idiot boxes. Glued to the tube you went down into ignominy.

Don’t blame the Judas Media. Because YOU WATCHED THEM AND BELIEVED THEM! You should’ve read your Bibles. You would have been more intelligent. the humanity! God help us!


McCain whining to Trump: Stop cozying up to Russia

Sen. John McCain on Tuesday issued a strongly worded statement warning President-elect Donald Trump not to trust overtures of peace from the Kremlin and to be cautious of supposed attempts to strengthen U.S.-Russian ties.

I guess “Songbird” doesn’t want all that work they did to start a world war to go to waste!

CBS 60 Minutes Withheld Trump’s Appeal to ‘Stop Attacking Minorities,’ and Ignored Reports of Attacks on Trump Supporters

Between all of the fake polling, intentionally pro-Clinton partisan coverage, and mainstream media collusion with the Democratic National Party and the Clinton Campaign exposed through WikiLeaks’ Podesta email dump – nearly the entire US mainstream media is now in full damage-limitation mode desperately trying to preserve any crumb of credibility and perceived authority they might have left.

It’s now become clear that the media is guilty on multiple fronts, as more proof has emerged of how they are helping to stoke violence, while promoting unfounded fears – and all the while pushing fictional ‘hate crime’ hoaxes.

Alternative Media For The First Time In History Has Surpassed MSM During A Presidential Election.


‘You’re Not Getting My Name, You’re Getting An F-You!’ Based Female Trump Supporter Scolds MSNBC Host

4Chan is calling her “Candice the Cuckslayer” and crowning her as the new “Warrior queen of /Pol/.”

Last week, a high energy female Trump supporter was seen interrupting MSNBC’s Cal Perry as he was interviewing a protester holding a sign accusing Trump of “bigotry.”

She proceeded to give him the scolding of a lifetime.

RED ALERT: Corporate Media’s War on ‘Fake News’ Is Being Used to Silence Dissent and Alt Media

Reports about Facebook’s and Google’s nascent battle against purported “fake news” must be considered in solemn gravity — not because there are bogus articles circulating — but because, in actuality, it constitutes a war on legitimate, factual information and dissenting opinion.

Certainly, many of us grumble when an article about aliens invading New York City passes through our newsfeeds only to be taken seriously — but the so-called “problem” of “fake” news Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is referring to isn’t targeting such vapid content.

What Facebook will target, however, should concern all of us.

Joel Pollak destroys Don Lemon’s entire CNN panel. ‘You would do better to listen with your ears instead of your mouth.’

Corporate Media, Soros & Hillary Are Trying To Bring Down Trump

World Of Clinton: Why Establishment And Media Support Failed To Work

(Self-Anointed) ‘god’ Soros Set on Bending Creation to his Will

Incumbent Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, target of the Obama Justice Department for his stand against the administration’s goal of culturally terraforming the Republic through illegal “immigration,” has been defeated in his bid for reelection by challenger Paul Penzone. Actually, it might be more accurate to say Arpaio was defeated by “dual citizen” Hungarian-American George Soros.

That’s because globalist billionaire Soros, a proponent of reshaping the world to his will, spent $2M on ads and mailers to defeat Arpaio through the Astroturf “Maricopa Strong” PAC, Politico reported. Along with that contest, the Soros machine has been manipulating district attorney races to “reshape” the U.S. justice system.


Guardian Newspaper Declares War on Donald Trump

After stumping for Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 election, the British left-wing Guardian newspaper has now openly declared war on Donald Trump, and is soliciting donations in order to “hold the new administration to account.”


dees-Putin-media Media-fox-hunt media_pied-piper media-bias-honest-journalism-1mediastupid




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