Nibiru MUST Come Michio Kaku Watch End of The World Signs Planet X REALLY?

planetxnibiru1 twosunsWell, it has been officially announced by the scientific stargazers, so it must be true. Private sky watchers and conspiracy theorists have been talking about the “second sun” for quite a long time, and now it is confirmed? Even Michio Kaku is talking about it, and about a huge asteroid that is goinh to graze the earth below the satellites altitude, so we will see it wizzing by through the sky and then it will go around the sun and .. are you sitting down? … it might hit earth! When on friday the 13thof some Month I forgot in 2036. If we wills till be around by that date. So don’t panic now. But just stay busy doing your share of saving humanity the way god has showed you, and you will be just fine. God will take care of His own! Are you? If not humbly ask Jesus to come into your heart and life and give you His free gift of Eternal Life. And you are Heaven bound. It is so simple, because no one is able to save his own soul by good works, because we are all sinners. So just accept Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary, and we will meet Up there where the Son is always shining! Lots of love!. Lu.  – –  WATCH & PRAY!


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