Incoming US National Security Adviser to Fuel, not Fight Terrorism

Handsof SyriaBy Ulson Gunnar – NEO
The incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump already includes a long and growing list of controversial characters, controversial not because they represent a major departure from the policies of US President Barack Obama, but precisely because they represent uninterrupted continuity of agenda instead.

Other reports have mentioned the inclusion of highly problematic figures from among Washington’s Neo-Conservative establishment, but President-elect Trump’s national security adviser, retired US Army general, Michael Flynn is perhaps the most symbolic of all in signaling a continuity of agenda regarding US foreign policy.

Flynn was appointed in April of 2012 by US President Barack Obama as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). It was during this time the US was already deeply involved in semi-covert intervention in the Syrian conflict, after having decimated Libya in 2011 with direct US military intervention.

It was also during Flynn’s time at the DIA, August 2012 in fact, that a now notorious memo was circulated (PDF) regarding the anticipated rise of what it called a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria, and how it could be used as a strategic asset against what it called the “Syrian regime.”  The DIA’s anticipated “Salafist principality” would later be named the “Islamic State” (IS) and did indeed seize territory in eastern Syria where it remains dug-in to this day.

Flynn’s Plan on Terror Resembles the Perpetual War Bush and Obama Fought 

It is indeed troubling that incoming President-elect Trump has chosen an Obama-era DIA director to serve in a more senior position still, and that this DIA director presided over the organization when it not only knew of IS’ impending arrival on the geopolitical stage, but sought to encourage its arrival and use it as a strategic asset with which to fight the secular government in Damascus.


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