Polish journalist Michal Rachon asks Putin when he will release the TU-154M wreckage from his tender embraces

Polish Air Crash in Smolensk, Russia, is covered up by globalist Poles, Putin Russia, EU, Intl. Media, and the USA?? Why!! I thought they hated Putin! No! The US establishment merely pretends to wanna attack Russia. It is a hegelian plot to get the synthesis of One World Government and make Poland fall in line! That’s why Donald Tusk got promoted to EU leader! http://smolenskcrashnews.com/

On the 10th of April 2010, the Polish military plane, Tu-154, was involved in a fatal crash in the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all the crew and passengers aboard. The deaths included the Polish President and First Lady, the last Polish President in exile, the Chief of the General Staff, Commanders-in-Chief, the Chairman of the Polish National Bank, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, as well as a number of MP’s, senators and prominent figures of the Polish elite, among the 96 dead.

This incident, which includes these prominent deaths, naturally calls for a complete and transparent investigation – the natural work of international aviation agencies with extensive experience is just such investigations.

Yet, on the day of the crash, the Polish government decided to leave the investigation solely in Russian hands, without securing the rights to appeal to international organizations, aviation organizations, and relinquishing the right of an inspection, or any efficient supervision over examination procedures.

Specifically, the Polish government refused to consider any help from NATO, and did not attempt to gather any support from other European Union countries. As a result, all the evidence gathered has been left on Russian soil, including confidential military and security codes belonging to NATO’s armies, “black boxes”, and other flight recording devices containing all flight parameters.

None of this evidence, as well as any debris of the wreckage, has ever been returned to Poland.

This evidence has been held hostage in Russia for 2418 days. Read more here

Smolensk crash investigation extended again for 6 months.

“The Smolensk crash investigation has been extended for another 6 months, until April 10, 2016,” announced the Office of Chief Military Prosecutor. The Prosecutors appealed to the ABW (Internal Security Agency) for a supplementary phonoscopic opinion of the ATC recordings. “Despite the proceedings carried out as part of the investigation and documented in more than 650 unclassified and more than 120 classified files, the investigation has not been completed within the expected deadline,” Major Marcin Maksjan, spokesman for the Chief Military Prosecution told PAP (the Polish Press Agency). More Here


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