The Day Fake News Lied About The Murder of John F.Kennedy 1963 & You ALL believed it!

swear_dees2CNNTHIS is what FAKE NEWS of the JUDAS MEDIA has done to your country! And you just watched the news and did nothing, you must swallowed the lies of the REAL fake news! And you are still doing it today! The JFK assassination (The actual footage) Rare / Vintage!

As Bush said to Sarah McClendon, “Sarah! If the American people would know what we Bushes have done, we would be run down and lynched in the streets!” And they did it as tools for the Banksters!


cheers journalists-wiki-tw-1 fakemedianomediastupidfakeshootingBrzezinskiQuoteCNNFOX blarge DonotSwallowUSMediaDarkTrumpMemo


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