IF the French shake off their Socialist goggles they may win Le Pen to save them from Globalism

puppet_masterThe French have been co-opted by the “Socialists”for a very long time, actually ever since the French Revolution, An Illuminist plot to eventually take France down from being a nation. The French who pride themselves on being such great intellectuals” – just watch them on TV continually debating! – have been (apart from the English!) some of the greatest dupes in Europe! Even Napoleon knew his enemies better, that he who finances the wars, finance both sides. The Bankers!

But the French have blissfully gone into the way of a totalitarian police state while debating democracy on TV. Their country has been stolen from them religiously (the spring of all life), culturally, financially, and politically. And Le Pen is not a so-called “extreme right winger”, but simply someone who wants France to be French instead of Globalist. But the problem is that the French just believe their fake news TV-s and are propagandised against their own best interests! Even IF they would just take Asterix and Obelix as a guideline they would toss the contemporary Romans out with their menhirs, but they are all bamboozled with a collectivist socialist illuminist IDÉFIX!

And that is the sorry state the present day Gauls are in. Their motto? “Je suis un brainwashed “Charlie” zombie of the mainstream Judas media and am incapable to see reality because of those Merde Marxist goggles that those blackmailed pedofile Illuminist agentur provocateur have put on my French eyes and changed me into a politically correct useful idiot. May they wake up! But I don’t think they will. The Powers That Be have served up Villers for them and they will elect him whether they like it or not. COntrolled opposition!


Still of course I believe that Nationalism is NOT the answer to the world’s problem but that rather the Love of Christ is the real answer, but an answer that most people are not about to choose. And that is why they are lost.

narrow-gate-cartoonRELATED NEWS


Bolivian president Evo Morales recently announced that Bolivia will no longer respond to pressure or blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-controlled international banking institutions.

Trump Is Meeting with an Ex-bank Ceo Who Wants to Abolish the Federal Reserve and Return to the Gold Standard

As President-elect’s Donald Trump’s transition rolls on, more and more attention is being paid to possible selections for a variety of high-ranking positions and meetings that might help decide these appointments.

On Monday, Trump will meet with John Allison, the former CEO of the bank BB&T and of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute.

There have been reports that Allison is being considered for Treasury secretary.

What these ‘mysterious deaths’ tell us about our global banking system

David Rossi picked a painful way to commit suicide.

On March 6, 2013, the successful 51-year-old bank executive apparently jumped backwards out of his third-story office window. He landed on his back 30 feet below in the cobblestone alley behind his office.



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