Bank of England Complains “Trump Slows Down World Economy” Thank God Postpones the World CRASH!

BOE complains that it would slow down the world economy! Sure! And that is a good thing, as it is heading to the greatest economic Crash in History! And that is a thing that should be avoided as it is going to cause Famine, War, Death, Destruction of millions if not a billion! Is that why they are worried? That Trump will slow down the greatest Crash in History?

Besides this entire “growth” meme and theme is an artificial construct of the “progressive” Bankers to keep us all chasing after the almighty dollar. We wouldn’t need growth if the world economy wasn’t based on it as a beaten horse exploiting natural resources and the masses of underpaid workers in the Third World, which was their creation in the first place! The Third World was doing better before the bankers got a hold of it with their growth of navies, armies, weapon producers, and their devastating growth of WARS! And that was what it is all for. De-population and destruction of the poor.

Bankers financed the arming of Japan and Germany to kill millions. As they are doing al over the world now for World War III. That is their idea of growth! And they have brainwashed all the Western elite with this Satanic idea, and the elites of the 3rd World, and their middle classes, as oxen grinding around the mill. Idiots.

We don’t need their kind of growth! Growth depending on over production caused by monopolies like the Light bulb conspiracy that ensured a continual demand for lightbulbs, whereas they CAN make them almost indestructible! Another is the anti water engine conspiracy, creating a need for Rockefeller’s And Rothschild’s oil! We wouldn’t need their damnable oil, it they hadn’t hijacked Tesla’s science and stolen it away from us. Every damn time an inventor creates another water car, they send in their Men in Black to intimidate them or kill them. No! BOE! We don’t need your Satanic growth!

And what kind of growth anyhow? Growth toward their damnable pipe dream of a One World Government under them! That is what it is all designed for anyway. We don’t need that growth, but we are getting it force fed into us, via THEIR “education”, THEIR “media”, THEIR “science”, their propaganda! God rid us of the growth of the bankers! And God rid us again of the bankers, period!

But I guess it was all destined to be in the cake mix after all. God knew and history shows that Mankind always chooses the wrong side of people, and gravitates toward the evil guys and follows their Satanic schemes. They seem unable or unwilling to be wise and listen to God who could have saved them from the evil money changers, but they didn’t think HE was there and alive and watching and hooping they would turn to Him! He knew that the majority has always been wrong and always chose the wrong side and plain wanted to be deceived. Voila! The humanity!

WHich are you? Are you a deceived dupe, a useful idiot of the damnable evil wicked leaders? Or are you ready to wake up to their fake news, their fake economy, and their fake wars? I hope you are! Because if you aren’t you will be invisible and body-less in Hades for a thousand years reminiscing if God is real after all, and in the worst scenario on your way to the Lake of Fire!

It doesn’t pay to ignore your creator. He says, “God is not mocked! But we shall reap what we sowed!” What are you sowing?

Bank of England: Trump would slow down world economy
By Paul Antonopoulos –
30/11/2016 2

The Bank of England has claimed that US President-elect Donald Trump will accelerate a slowdown of the world economy.

“There is this possibility that the slowdown in the growth in world trade, which we have seen over the past few years, accelerates because of discrete policy initiatives potentially from the world’s largest economy,” Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said at a news conference in London on Wednesday.

“This is more of a slow-burn issue, sand in the gears, headwind for the global economy as opposed to a sharper shock, if any of it were to actually materialize,” Carney said. “While that might not directly affect the United Kingdom, if it slows the pace of global growth – and we’re an open trading nation, one of the most open nations in the world – it’s going to have a knock-on effect through this economy.”

Trump has vowed to end the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), whilst taking on China economically.


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